The PS5 Pro is almost certainly releasing later this year, but will you have to break the bank to get one, or will Sony’s next console have a reasonable price point?

Despite not being formally revealed yet, Sony has been developing a mid-generation console – the PS5 Pro.

So far, leaks have revealed the late 2024 release date for the next PlayStation as well as all of the specs for the PS5 Pro. However, none of these leaks have revealed how much the console will cost yet.

While it is certainly possible that Sony has not decided on a price point yet, we can make a good estimate of how much the PS5 Pro will cost.

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PS5 Pro Price Prediction

We predict that the PS5 Pro will cost $550, but it is also possible that Sony will go with a slightly higher $600 price point. This is based on Sony’s pricing structure from both the PS5 and PS4 generations.

As the PS5 with the disc drive costs $500, the PS5 Pro will almost certainly cost more than that. There is a possibility that Sony will drop the cost of the base PS5 and then release the PS5 Pro at $500, but this seems rather unlikely.

Meanwhile, the PS4 Pro cost $400, which was $100 more than the lowered PS4 price point in 2016. Sony will likely adopt a similar pricing strategy with this generation’s Pro console.

Therefore, when the PS5 Pro releases, we expect the cost of the base PS5 to drop to $450. Then, the PS5 Pro itself will launch with a $550 price tag.

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Of course, this is all purely a prediction and has not been confirmed by Sony. We will have to wait until the company announces the PS5 Pro to find out its official price point.

Fortunately, it looks like the PS5 Pro announcement could happen in Summer 2024. Be sure to stay tuned for a PlayStation Showcase announcement in the coming months!

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