Modern Warfare 3 (AKA MW3) is finally revealed to be our Call of Duty 2023, but how much will the game cost?

There’s been a great deal of discussion about MW3, even before the game was officially revealed. Initially, reliable leakers reported that the latest Call of Duty title was allegedly set to just be a ‘Year 2’ DLC for MW2.

However, a few months back, Activision confirmed that a full, premium Call of Duty title would be arriving in 2023. And although MW3 carries over content from MW2, such as weapons and skins, it’s actually an entirely new game.

And that begs the question: how much will MW3 actually cost?

How Much Does MW3 2023 Cost?

Modern Warfare III is a full premium release and will be priced accordingly at $70, Activision has reportedly told Charlie Intel.

For reference, MW2 also retailed at $70, with a Vault Edition available for $99.99. For those that love to splash out a little extra each year, MW3 has confirmed that it will have a Vault Edition available to purchase.

Players could also buy a cross-gen version of MW3 for $79.99, which works on both last and current-gen devices.

MW3 Art Featuring Price and Makarov

We expect similar pricing this time around, but exact dollar amounts have not been announced.

Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders will likely begin on August 17, 2023, following the MW3 reveal event in Warzone. At that point, we’ll finally have our confirmed price tag.

Some fans have suggested that MW3 could be discounted for those who already own MW2, at least when purchased digitally. And while this would make sense if the MW2 DLC rumors were true, it’s not a move that we can see Activision making.

However, one recent leak does seem to have players wondering whether or not Modern Warfare 3 will actually be full price…

MW3 Price Leaks on Steam

Twitter user Evan Fox recently noticed that MW3 already reveals a price tag on the Australian Steam store.

According to Steam, the game costs $54.95 Australian Dollars, which translates to just under $36 US.

This could be the game’s official price tag, which would be great for those unhappy to spend $60 on another year of Modern Warfare content.

However, it could also be meaningless placeholder pricing, or even perhaps an old price for when MW3 was (allegedly) going to be DLC content.

For now, all we can do is wait until August 17 to find out what MW3 will officially cost.

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