Modern Warfare 2 will have a longer lifespan than usual Call of Duty titles, but how many seasons will both MW2 & Warzone undergo?

Call of Duty fans know how things work by now. Going off the last few years, Warzone launches shortly after a new Modern Warfare release, then fans have until Season 5 or 6 to enjoy the game.

After that a new premium title launches and Warzone gets a shaky integration with the new release’s content.

And the next year it’s the same again, only with a glitch-filled new map and WW2 weapons that are somehow more powerful than their modern-day counterparts.

Warzone 2

This time round, however, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone are handling things a little differently. Reports indicate that MW2 will have a two-year lifespan, with support being offered for Infinity Ward’s title throughout.

But what does that mean for the total number of seasons coming to both MW2 and Warzone 2?

How Many Seasons Are Planned For Modern Warfare 2?

While Activision hasn’t commented on how many seasons Modern Warfare 2 will have, evidence suggests that there will be 5 seasonal updates in the game’s initial lifespan.

However, it’s possible that MW2 & Warzone Year 2 will contain another 5+ seasons, if rumors of no 2023 release are true.

In the Intel Drop for Modern Warfare 2’s first Raid event, Gameplay Director Zied Rieke confirms that there will be 5 Raids released over 5 seasons of MW2.

Many fans are taking this to mean that the new Modern Warfare title will only have 5 seasons, and there’s more evidence to support that fact.

MW2 Campaign Operators

After all, Call of Duty Vanguard, the franchise’s 2021 installment, only made it to the end of Season 5.

And Activision recently confirmed in a financial release that it plans to offer Call of Duty’s “next full premium release in the blockbuster annual series” in 2023, indicating that there’ll soon be a new game to start over from Season 1 with.

Is There a Call of Duty Game in 2023?

However, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reports that the next full COD game, developed by Treyarch, won’t be releasing until 2024. Instead, 2023 will reportedly offer a premium paid expansion to MW2 containing Campaign DLC and multiplayer content.

This expansion is allegedly in the works from Sledgehammer Games and could well be the premium release Activision is reporting.

If so, we might see MW2 Year Two carry on into Season 6 and beyond – or we could go to a MW2 Year 2 Season 1 scenario, something that we can only hope to avoid.

It’s also worth noting that for the first time, Activision is referring to Call of Duty’s premiere season as Season ’01’. Could this be a hint at the fact that MW2 seasons will head into double digits?

Unfortunately for those hoping for classic MW2 maps to resurface anytime soon, leaks indicate that many fan-favorite Call of Duty maps are being locked behind the paid DLC!

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