Throughout your journey in Starfield, you’ll come across many companions that will spark your interest and even develop into romance options.

Many players have described this game as essentially being “Skyrim in space.” Players create a character and venture out into the galaxy with unparalleled freedom in search of their own adventure.

While adventuring, there will be plenty of characters that players will meet, each with their own story. Players can befriend these characters, get to know them, and even fall in love.

Bethesda already confirmed that certain companions would have romantic storylines, but now Todd Howard has elaborated on just how many romance options there are in Starfield.

Who Can You Romance in Starfield?

Players will have the opportunity to experience four different romance options in Starfield. This information was confirmed by Todd Howard in an XCast interview.

Thus far, the official gameplay showcase confirmed two of these romance options, Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan serves as the leader of the Constellation faction. She is an ex-soldier and adventurer hoping to find Artifacts scattered around the universe.

Players can recruit Sarah Morgan as a companion to take advantage of her skills; Astrodynamics, Lasers, Leadership, and Botony.

Sarah Morgan Starfield

Sam Coe

Sam Coe is an ex-cowboy that is great at piloting and knows his way around using a rifle. He is one of the characters that will accompany players through the galaxy if recruited into their crew.

Once recruited, players will have access to Sam Coe’s full skill set, including Piloting, Rifle Certification, Geology, and Payloads.

Starfield Sam Coe

Bethesda has yet to reveal the other two romance options in Starfield, but we know that they’ll both be important characters from the Constellation organization that players are a part of.

This means that any of the following characters could be confirmed as romance options in the near future:

  • Barret
  • Matteo
  • Noel
  • Spacefarer
  • Vasco
  • Vlad
  • Walter

From the footage shown so far, many players believe that Barret will also be one of the characters that the players can romance due to how frequently he appears in the story bits.

Barret Starfield

How Does Romance Work?

Bethesda has revealed that romance options in Starfield will feature unique quests with deep storylines and more complex emotions behind them.

A character that you form a relationship may become temporarily upset with the player depending on his actions and choices within the main storyline. We’re still not sure if this means they can eventually leave the player, but it could be a possibility.

This adds a new dimension to each relationship and will cause the player to think about how their choices may affect those characters around him.

Starfield will have fewer romance options than past Bethesda games, but it promises to bring some of the most fleshed-out relationships to date.

This can potentially lead to a bigger pay-off with each relationship and a much deeper understanding between the player and characters.