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How Many People Play Warzone 2? MW2 Player Count Revealed

On November 21, 2022, Warzone 2 had already surpassed 25 million players across all platforms. This was announced on the official Call of Duty Twitter account only five days after launch.

On Steam alone, there has been a peak of 488,897 concurrent players, though today’s numbers are considerably lower.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get an exact breakdown across, Xbox, and PlayStation all of which do not disclose their data.

According to Active Player, the most active players Warzone 1 ever had was 60 million during the month of February 2022.

Some other key milestones to note from the original Warzone include:

  • 6 Million players reached in 24 hours.
  • 15 Million players reached 3 days after launch.
  • 30 Million players reached in 2 weeks.

Initially it certainly seemed as though Warzone 2 was well on track to surpass any milestones its predecessor managed to reach. However, Activision is keeping quiet about the game’s success (or lack thereof) for now.

We do know, per NPD Data, that Modern Warfare 2 was the best-selling game of 2022 in the US, surpassing even Elden Ring. It also took the crown as December 2022’s overall best-seller.

Is Warzone 2 Player Count Dropping?

Yes, right now it does appear that Warzone 2 & MW2’s player count is decreasing. According to Steamcharts, an average of 145,471 players were playing the title on Steam in the last 30 days.

This is down from 178,353 average players in December 2022, and down again from November 2022’s launch spike of 223,897.

Is Warzone 2 Player Count Decreasing

It’s worth noting that these stats are exclusive to Steam, and though it’s likely that player counts on, PlayStation, and Xbox are facing similar declines, we can’t confirm anything.

It’s similarly worth mentioning that these statistics don’t reveal what percentage of Modern Warfare 2 players are active on Warzone and which ones are simply there for multiplayer.

However, insider CharlieIntel is reporting that they’ve heard from multiple sources that Warzone 2’s player count dropped over the Winter break at “a higher rate than expected.”

If this claim proves to be correct, we can only wait and see if Warzone 2’s leaked upcoming Resurgence mode is able to bring players back.

Raven Software is also already showing signs of listening to fans, lowering costs for Custom Weapons and bringing back Loadout Drops at Buy Stations. But it remains to be seen whether or not the Battle Royale can solve some of its biggest issues that are driving players away.

Modern Warfare 2 currently holds the record for any Call of Duty title’s highest peak of concurrent players on Steam, at 488,897 players. However, we can’t see it hitting those figures again at any point in its lifecycle, even if the rumors of a paid DLC expansion in 2023 are true.

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