Players can collect Korok Seeds in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom by locating the mischievous forest spirits, Koroks.

However, there’s a seemingly endless supply of them, with Koroks being scattered all across Hyrule.

How many Korok Seeds are there exactly? Let’s just say if you want to find them all, you’ll be playing TOTK for a very long time!

How Many Korok Seeds in TOTK?

There are 1000 Korok Seeds players can find in Tears of the Kingdom. This is exactly 100 more than in BOTW, which only had 900.

The 1000 Korok Seeds are split into two groups. They are:

  • 800 Hidden Korok Seeds
  • 200 Korok Seeds gained from helping 100 Koroks find their friends.
Finding Korok Seeds in TOTK

You will get 1 Korok Seed per Korok you find hidden in the open world. There are many ways Koroks can be hiding, including:

  • Under rocks
  • Running about as a ball of light
  • Found after following a trail of flowers
  • Solving puzzles

Conversely, you will get 2 Korok Seeds for every Korok you help find their friend in the open world. However, these are much harder to do and involve solving a traversal puzzle.

Finding a Korok under a rock

What Is the Reward For Finding All Korok Seeds in TOTK?

The reward for finding all 1000 Korok Seeds in Tears of the Kingdom is Hestu’s Gift, a golden poo-shaped material that has no use.

Additionally, players will be able to ask Hestu to do his dances whenever they like, as well as his dance from Breath of the Wild.

If you don’t fancy finding all 1000 Korok Seeds yourself to see the reward, you can check out RetroArchives video below:

What Can You Do With Korok Seeds in TOTK?

Much like in BOTW, Korok Seeds are used to expand your inventory. Players can exchange them with Hestu (the giant tree with maracas) to add an extra slot to the following inventories:

  • Shields
  • Weapons
  • Bows

The price goes up every time you pay to expand any of the three inventories. The first expansion of any inventory will only cost 1 Korok Seed.

However, after that, the cost will increase depending on how many inventory slots you’ve unlocked. For example, the fourth inventory slot will cost you 5 Korok Seeds, but the fifth will cost you 8.

Trading Korok Seeds with Hestu in TOTK

Where to Find Hestu in TOTK

Players can find Hestu initially near the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower, Northwest of the New Serenne Stable.

However, depending on where you are in the story, Hestu can either be in Lookout Landing or Korok Forest.

To figure out how to unlock all of Hestu’s locations and figure out where he’ll be for you, check out our complete guide.

Hestu in Korok Forest in TOTK
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