Players looking to brave the challenging world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom may want to consider prioritizing Hearts over Stamina.

Fighting enemies is a lot harder in TOTK, so having those extra Hearts can be the difference between life and death. Fortunately, the maximum number of Hearts you can have in TOTK is substantially more than BOTW.

However, to unlock them all, you’re going to need to solve a lot of puzzles. Here is exactly how many Hearts you can get and how to get them.

What Is the Max Number of Hearts in TOTK?

The maximum number of Hearts you can have in Tears of the Kingdom is 40, which is 10 more than BOTW. These Hearts are divided between:

  • 3 base Hearts
  • 31 Hearts from Goddess Statues
  • 6 Hearts from Temple Bosses and the Phantom Ganon Boss

It is important to note that once you get 40 Hearts, no matter how you get them, you cannot add any more.

If you’ve been prioritizing upgrading your Stamina and now want to get the maximum number of Hearts, don’t worry. You can actually respec your Hearts and Stamina very easily in TOTK.

Link getting a Heart Container from a Goddess Statue

Each additional Heart will cost you 4 Light of Blessings, which you can get from completing Shrines scattered across Hyrule.

So, to unlock the 31 extra Hearts from Goddess Statues in TOTK, you will need to complete a staggering 124 Shrines (including the four in the tutorial.)

Considering there are 152 Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom (including those in the tutorial,) if you want all 40 Hearts, you will only be able to get one and 2/5 extra Stamina Wheels.

Of course, you can also get an additional Heart by completing the Call From the Depths Side Adventure for the Bargainer Statue.

By completing the mission, you can choose whether to get a free Heart Container or Stamina Vessel. However, if you already have 40 Hearts by that point, you will be forced to pick a Stamina Vessel.

It’s worth noting that prioritizing Hearts may not be the best idea in TOTK. In fact, you will need a lot of Stamina in order to get one of the best weapons in the game!

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