Fire Emblem Engage only has one ending for players to discover, so don’t worry about any high-stakes choices affecting the story outcome. Since there is only one route to follow in the latest Fire Emblem title, the story is far more linear and can only end in one way.

Those who were expecting to make more of an impact on the story themselves may be disappointed. However, with Three Houses giving players a little too much choice, it’s nice to enjoy a more straightforward Fire Emblem title this time.

Never fear though, the time it takes to complete Fire Emblem Engage’s main story is still similar to past titles. You just won’t need to run through it multiple times in order to see everything that the narrative has to offer.

Fire Emblem Engage Marth Emblem Ring

Are There Multiple Endings in Fire Emblem Engage?

No, Fire Emblem Engage has only one ending, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t have a splitting path during the story. Unlike the recent Fire Emblem Three Houses, which offered four unique endings, Engage simply offers a single storyline that can only end in one way.

As for whether or not that’s a good thing, it’s down to the players to decide! One thing’s for sure though, Fire Emblem Engage’s critical reception has been largely positive – but many critics are coming up with the same shortcomings.

Is There a Secret Ending in Fire Emblem Engage?

No, Fire Emblem Engage does not offer a secret ending for players to discover. The story of Alear and their quest to help collect the Emblem Rings to defeat the Fell Dragon can only end in one way, no matter what players do.

That’s not to say that player choice doesn’t make an impact, however. Fans can uncover hidden scenes between Alear and their companions by raising the bonds between them.

Optional side stories can also be completed, and of course, romance makes a welcome return too. It’s just the endgame that will play out the same way for every Engage player.