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How Many Campaign Missions Does Halo Infinite Have?

We finally know the total number of missions that will be included in Halo Infinite’s campaign!

Halo Infinite partially launched some days ago. The game debuted with its free-to-play multiplayer beta.

Regarding its mechanics, the game has been widely praised by both media and gamers alike.

Although, not everything is perfect and flawless. Gamers recently complained of an increased amount of cheaters in each match.

As 343 tries to work around multiplayer concerns, Halo Infinite’s campaign is close to arriving.

The complete game launches on December 8th. Luckily, we have new information about the number of missions included in the campaign mode.

Masterchief Cortana Halo Infinite Campaign

Halo Infinite’s Campaign Total Number of Missions Have Leaked

Halo Infinite’s campaign comprises 14 missions in total, according to an achievements list that leaked recently.

TrueAchievements recently shared this information. In this list, an achievement called “Forza Veloce” describes the total amount of missions in the campaign.

To unlock this achievement, you will need to finish all 14 missions of the campaign in less than eight hours.

Furthermore, this description reveals more information about Halo Infinite’s campaign. It is now clear that gamers can beat the storyline in less than eight hours.

Fortunately, Halo Infinite players will have ongoing events like Winter Contingency to keep them busy after completing the campaign.

Halo Infinite Campaign Mission

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Of course, if this is an achievement, which means that it might take more time to finish the campaign in your first playthrough.

Halo is famous for its considerable amount of collectibles that are fun to gather. Considering this, it is likely that the campaign will easily last ten or more hours.

Halo Infinite Forza Veloce Achievement

This campaign length is not new for the Halo franchise. On average, most campaigns in the Halo games last anywhere between eight to ten hours.

Halo Infinite Fan Reception

At least in duration, we know that fans will be happy with this standard. Thus far, the game’s reception towards its story has constantly declined since Halo 3.

Although, time will tell if gamers are happy with Halo Infinite’s campaign narrative elements.

At this moment, gamers are raising many concerns about the multiplayer component of the game.

343 Industries’ recent statement about anti-cheat upset some fans. In the meantime, the developer focuses efforts on keeping gamers engaged and rolling out fixes as soon as possible.

Halo Infinite Campaign Trailer

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Recently Halo Infinite received a significant boost to XP and progression.

343 Industries released this fix in response to players’ complaints about slow level progression since the game launched.

Despite all these issues, the game has received a very positive review score on Steam.

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