Elden Ring is crowded with intimidating bosses waiting for you on every corner of the Lands Between!

FromSoftware games are famous for their harsh level of difficulty and grueling bosses. Elden Ring also falls in this category.

The open world of the Lands Between is a perfect setting for many epic boss encounters. In this aspect, Elden Ring does not disappoint.

As you traverse this world, you can encounter a vast amount of bosses.

Some are minor field bosses that belong to dungeons or roam freely, while others like Godrick The Grafted are large and challenging enemies hidden behind the walls of legacy dungeons.

No matter what locations of this dark fantasy world you explore, a boss fight will always be lurking right around the corner in Elden Ring.

Godrick All Bosses Elden Ring

All Elden Ring Bosses & Their Locations

In total, Elden Ring has 83 bosses. This number includes all main bosses, mini-bosses, and field bosses in the game.

Out of these 83 bosses, 74 are unique designs. This means that you will face several boss types more than once.

One of the best things you can do before facing most of these bosses is to make sure you upgrade your armor and items accordingly!

Leveling up is also a great idea if you can not progress on specific points. Here is an easy way to farm runes in case you need to level up fast before a boss fight.

These are all the bosses Elden Ring has in store for you, Tarnished!

All Bosses in Limgrave

  • Ancient Hero of Zamor – Field Boss
  • Beast of Farum Azula – Field Boss
  • Bell Bearing Hunter – Field Boss
  • Black Knife Assassin – Field Boss
  • Bloodhound Knight Darriwil – Field Boss
  • Cemetery Shade – Main Boss
  • Crucible Knight – Field Boss
  • Demi-Human Chief – Field Boss
  • Erdtree Avatar – Field Boss
  • Erdtree Burial Watchdog – Field Boss
  • Flying Dragon Agheel – Mini-Boss
  • Godrick the Grafted, here are some tips to defeat Godrick, Elden Ring’s first Main Boss
  • Grafted Scion – Field Boss
  • Grave Warden Duelist – Field Boss
  • Leonine Misbegotten – Mini-Boss
  • Lion Guardian – Field Boss
  • Mad Pumpkin Head – Field Boss
  • Margit, the Fell Omen – Mini-Boss
  • Night’s Cavalry – Field Boss
  • Runebear – Field Boss
  • Soldier of Godrick – Field Boss
  • Stonedigger Troll – Field Boss
  • Tibia Mariner – Field Boss
  • Tree Sentinel – Field Boss

Make sure to upgrade your Flasks so you are well equipped before a boss fight in Elden Ring!

Margit The Fallen Omen Mini Boss

All Bosses in Liurnia of the Lakes

  • Adan, Thief of Fire – Field Boss
  • Alabaster Lord – Field Boss
  • Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader – Field Boss
  • Bols, Carian Knight – Field Boss
  • Cleanrot Knight – Field Boss
  • Crystalians – Field Boss
  • Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella – Main Boss
  • Erdtree Avatar – Field Boss
  • Glintstone Dragon Adula – Mini Boss
  • Glintstone Dragon Smarag – Mini Boss
  • Magma Wyrm Makar – Field Boss
  • Omenkiller – Field Boss
  • Red Wolf of Radagon – Mini Boss
  • Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon – Main Boss
  • Royal Knight Loretta – Field Boss
  • Royal Revenant – Field Boss
  • Spirit-Caller Snail – Field Boss
  • Tibia Mariner – Field Boss

All Bosses in Caelid

  • Ancestor Spirit – Main Boss
  • Black Blade Kindred – Field Boss
  • Decaying Ekzykes – Mini Boss
  • Flying Dragon Greyll – Field Boss
  • Godskin Apostle – Field Boss
  • Night’s Cavalry – Field Boss
  • Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest – Field Boss
  • Starscourge Radahn – Main Boss

If you are not planning to play co-op at all, using Ashes of War is a game-changer when facing bosses in Elden Ring.

Dragon Boss Elden Ring

All Bosses in Altus Plateau

  • Elemer of the Briar – Field Boss
  • Stonedigger Troll – Field Boss

All Bosses in Mt. Gelmir

  • Demi-Human Queen Margot – Field Boss
  • Demi-Human Queen Maggie – Field Boss
  • Full-Grown Fallingsar Beast – Field Boss
  • God-Devouring Serpent – Field Boss
  • Perfumer Tricia – Field Boss
  • Ulcerated Tree Spirit – Field Boss
  • Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy – Field Boss

All Bosses in Leyndell, Royal Capital

  • Crucible Knight – Field Boss
  • Crucible Knight Ordovis – Field Boss
  • Divine Bridge Golem – Field Boss
  • Esgar, Priest of Blood – Field Boss
  • Fell Twins – Field Boss
  • Godfrey, First Elden Lord – Main Boss
  • Morgott, the Omen King – Main Boss
  • Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing – Field Boss

All Bosses in Mountaintops of the Giants

  • Ancient Hero of Zamor – Field Boss
  • Borealis the Freezing Fog – Mini Boss
  • Commander Niall – Field Boss
  • Death Rite Bird – Field Boss
  • Fire Giant – Field Boss

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Elden Ring Golem Boss

All Bosses in Siofra River

  • Ancestor Spirit – Main Boss
  • Dragonkin Soldier – Field Boss

All Bosses in Ainsel River

  • Astel, Naturalborn of the Void – Field Boss
  • Dragonkin Soldier – Field Boss
  • Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble – Field Boss
  • Regal Ancestor Spirit – Field Boss
  • Valiant Gargoyle – Mini Boss

All Bosses in Crumbling Farum Azula

  • Godskin Duo – Field Boss
  • Maliketh, the Black Blade – Field Boss

All Bosses in Forbidden Lands

  • Black Blade Kindred – Field Boss

All Bosses in Nokron, Eternal City

  • Mimic Tear – Field Boss

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Elden Ring Field Boss

These are all the bosses you will face in Elden Ring. Some of them can be a challenge but rest assured all are manageable with the right strategy!

Source: Elden Ring Wiki

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