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How Long to Beat The Last of Us 2? Game Length Revealed

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The Last of Us Part 2 is Naughty Dog’s most ambitious game yet. But for fans to know whether or not the game is worth their while, many have been wondering the same thing: how long to beat The Last of Us 2 Story? We have detailed the game length below.

Naughty Dog has already confirmed that the sequel won’t feature any sort of multiplayer mode. With that in mind, let’s hope the story will make it worth your while with action-packed gameplay.

The story will welcome back Joel and Ellie with open arms. The pair will continue to join forces in an epic adventure.

The Last of Us 2 – How Many Hours Long?

How long does it take to beat The Last of Us 2? The highly anticipated sequel will be roughly 22 to 23 hours long. This was somewhat confirmed by Halley Gross, the video game’s narrative director.

In a recent interview with Segment Next, Gross mentioned that The Last of Us 2 game length is roughly 50% larger than the original. The first Last of Us is about 15 hours long on average, depending on how quickly you complete it.

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With this in mind, an extra 50% would make 22.5 hours. However, it’s safe to assume it won’t be on the dot, so you’ll need to plus or minus a few hours. If this isn’t enough for you, then just remember that you can take multiple repeats of the game. Each run-through will showcase different aspects of the game, as you make different decisions.

Unfortunately, The Last of Us Part II was delayed a short while ago. It will now release on May 29, 2020, giving the developers plenty of time to finalize and finish certain aspects up to high quality. This is deemed Naughty Dog’s most ambitious project yet, so it should be worth the wait.

We’ll know for certain next year exactly how long to beat TLOU2.

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