The second major DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, The Indigo Disk, has finally arrived and we know exactly how long it takes to beat!

There’s a lot for Pokemon fans to sink their teeth into in the new Scarlet & Violet DLC. It includes a brand-new area with four unique regions and new Pokemon to catch!

With all the new content, you may be asking – how long does it take to finish The Indigo Disk?

How Long to Beat The Indigo Disk DLC?

The main story of The Indigo Disk DLC will take players between 3-5 hours on average to complete, for those who want to mainline the content.

However, the new DLC brings a whole host of new additions, including a new school, Blueberry Academy, with four regions to explore, an array of side content to get stuck into, and 8 new Pokemon to catch!

Therefore it’ll take roughly 10-12 hours to finish all content in The Indigo Disk.

Blueberry Academy in The Indigo Disk

Is The Indigo Disk Worth It?

Yes, The Indigo Disk is worth it, when taking into consideration that the $34.99 asking price for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero expansion includes all content from both The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk DLCs for Scarlet & Violet.

You gain access to both DLCs for one price. This means you’ll get access to roughly 20-24 hours of content if you complete everything both DLCs have to offer.

The Indigo Disk added 8 Pokemon to Scarlet & Violet, including 2 brand-new ‘Mon to encounter. It also introduces you to the Blueberry Academy and four new regions to explore. It’s definitely worth seeing for Pokemon fans.

Of course, if you already bought The Teal Mask DLC, you will gain access to The Indigo Disk at no extra cost!

Terapagos Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk

Be sure to check out how to start The Indigo Disk DLC to get started on your journey!

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