Starfield offers players a long, expansive space-faring adventure set in a dense galaxy home to 1,000 procedurally generated planets. There’s a lot going on in Bethesda’s latest RPG!

However, while we’re sure players could spend several lifetimes exploring every nook and cranny in Starfield, there are likely plenty of players who want to experience the story and a little side content.

But just how long will it take you to beat Starfield’s story and side content?

How Long to Beat Starfield

Starfield will take players around 30 – 40 hours to complete the main story and see the credits roll.

It will take you between 90 – 120 hours to complete all of the quests in the game, including main and side missions.

To get 100% completion and finish absolutely everything that Starfield has to offer, it will take upwards of 200 hours, potentially even more.

However, if you’re speeding through the main missions and want to finish it quickly, you could, in theory, complete the game in as little as 15 – 20 hours.

The player looking into space at a far away planet in Starfield

There are 19 main missions to complete in Starfield, with each one taking anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours to complete.

Todd Howard, the Director of Starfield, actually confirmed Starfield’s length in an interview with IGN a year ago.

In that interview, he said, “In our previous [games], if we aimed for, let’s say, a 25-hour main quest, [Starfield] might be in the 30s, maybe 40, just for the main quest.”

In that same IGN interview, Howard went on to explain that they are planning plenty of future content and full mod support that they expect will extend Starfield’s runtime significantly.

Is Starfield Longer Than Skyrim & Fallout 4?

Yes, Starfield will be longer than Fallout 4 and likely longer than Skyrim as well. According to How Long to Beat, Skyrim takes players 34 hours to beat its main story, whereas Fallout 4’s story only takes 27 hours.

Additionally, it takes players around 109 hours to beat all of Skyrim’s side content and 81 hours to beat all of Fallout 4’s.

It’s worth noting that Starfield has the most handcrafted content Bethesda has ever made for a game, according to Todd Howard. It also has 1,000 fully explorable procedurally generated planets.

Therefore, it’s fair to say that players will likely spend much longer in Starfield than in Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

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