Players hoping to spend a long time with Diablo 4 are undoubtedly in for a treat, especially considering its lengthy endgame offerings.

However, some may be wondering just how long it will take them to beat Diablo 4’s main story and see the credits roll. Fortunately, we have the answer.

How Long to Beat Diablo 4

It will take most players roughly 30 to 35 hours to beat Diablo 4’s main campaign and see the credits roll.

However, those looking to engage with the endgame content and complete the majority of side content are looking at 150 to potentially 200 hours.

This is according to Diablo 4’s director, Joe Shely, who stated in an interview with Gamespot that Diablo 4’s campaign was 35 hours long.

The extremely positive reviews of the game have since come out, confirming this runtime. However, Gamespot has even claimed that some of their staff beat the game in as little as 15 hours.

If you want to beat the story in as little as 15 hours, you’ll have to rush through the majority of its dialogue and content and refrain from exploring the world of Sanctuary too much.

Here is how long it took other reviewers to beat the game (but not necessarily all content):

the player on a horse overlooking a desert in Diablo 4

Is Diablo 4 Longer Than Diablo 3?

Yes, Diablo 4 is a much longer game than Diablo 3. According to How Long to Beat, Diablo 3 takes players 18 hours to beat its main story, which is about 12 hours shorter than Diablo 4.

Of course, this isn’t factoring in Diablo 3’s endgame and multiplayer content, which many players are still enjoying to this day, despite the game having launched over 11 years ago.

However, considering the scope and scale of Diablo 4’s enormous endgame content outlined by the developers, it is likely that players will spend more time with it than with Diablo 3.

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