In a new interview, Treyarch reveals how long the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Campaign will be, while hinting at what’s to come.

When a new Black Ops game releases, one of the first things that many fans will do before jumping into online Multiplayer is take on the Campaign.

Treyarch games in particular, are known for their mind-bending storylines, full of twists, turns, and high-octane action.

In the recent Black Ops 6 Direct, Treyarch likened the upcoming title to an action movie, but how long of a movie can fans expect on launch day?

How Long to Beat Black Ops 6 Campaign

In an interview with Game File, Yale Miller, Director of Production at Treyarch, revealed that Black Ops 6’s Campaign would be roughly the same length as classic COD story modes.

“Currently, the game’s netting out in the kind of length of a classic Call of Duty campaign,” Miller confirms.

Judging by the Campaign length of the series entries below, we estimate that Black Ops 6’s Campaign should last between 6-8 hours for most players.

GameHow Long to Beat
Modern Warfare 3 (2023)5 Hours 16 Mins
Modern Warfare 2 (2022)8 Hours 12 Mins
Vanguard 6 Hours 15 Mins
Black Ops Cold War 5 Hours 38 Mins
Modern Warfare (2019)6 Hours 19 Mins
WW27 Hours 1 Min
Black Ops 39 Hours
Advanced Warfare7 Hours 14 Mins
Ghosts6 Hours 1 Min
Black Ops 27 Hours 6 Mins
Modern Warfare 36 Hours 17 Mins
Black Ops7 Hours 14 Mins
Modern Warfare 26 Hours 46 Mins
World at War7 Hours 10 Mins
Modern Warfare6 Hours 47 Mins
Average Time Reported by Players to Complete Main Story
Source: How Long to Beat

However, completionists who want to explore everything that Black Ops 6’s story has to offer will likely find themselves spending 10-12 hours in the single-player experience.

What’s more, Black Ops 6 appears to tie in heavily with (and potentially be inspired by) Black Ops 2’s Campaign, which featured multiple endings for players to explore.

Black Ops 6 Woods in a Wheelchair

Treyarch’s most recent title, Black Ops Cold War, also allowed fans to make choices that determined the story’s ending.

If this feature returns, we expect many players to replay the Campaign to see all outcomes, which should increase their playtime significantly.

A Tease of What’s to Come

In addition to Miller’s comments on the Campaign length, the Director of Production also revealed new information regarding what single-player fans can expect from Black Ops 6.

Stating that fans want variety in their story mode experiences, it appears that Miller and the rest of the development team have put a focus on including an array of interesting experiences.

“Luckily for us, Black Ops kind of lends itself to that, where you can do your heist missions, and your puzzle-solving and stealth and your big military incursions as well.”

In Modern Warfare 3, Activision included the controversial Open Combat Missions, largely unscripted open-world missions that allowed players to tackle their objectives however they chose.

Open Combat Mission Ghost in MW3

Could Miller’s comments suggest that these non-linear missions will make a return in Black Ops 6?

“I think a big goal for us all is just to give players the opportunity to be smart, where you’re not just taking them on this journey the whole time, where they have the opportunity to explore and decide how they want to get through a situation.”

For now, we’ll have to wait and see exactly what Treyarch has in store for us on October 25, 2024. But could we be getting early access to the Black Ops 6 Campaign ahead of release?

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