If you’ve not been playing much MW2 or Warzone multiplayer, you may be confused to see Graves alive and well in MW3!

Phillip Graves was one of the highlights of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The leader of Shadow Company and an ally turned villain, the elite soldier was one of the most interesting additions to the rebooted timeline’s story.

But the last many players will have seen of Graves was him blowing up inside a tank in the MW2 mission ‘Ghost Team,’ where Task Force 141 and Los Vaqueros storm the Fuerzas Especialies HQ.

So how is Graves still alive? Well, we’ve got the official explanation for you, but don’t blame us if you don’t like it.

How Is Graves Alive?

Phillip Graves is alive in MW3 because it was revealed in Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 that he was never actually inside the exploding tank.

Instead, we have to assume that it was either being piloted via remote control or by someone else, with Graves’ voice broadcast via an onboard speaker.

During the introduction to Season 05, Graves simply walks into frame and explains his ‘death’ exactly this precisely:

  • Alex: “Heard you died in a tank in South America”
  • Graves: “I wasn’t in that tank…”

Yep, we’re afraid that’s all we get in terms of a proper explanation.

We’re not sure why Alex claims that the tank explosion was in South America, as Graves’ so-called death was actually in Mexico. But whether it was Activision’s error or Alex was simply misinformed, remains to be seen.

In Modern Warfare 3, Graves is teaming up with Farah and Alex in the fight against Makarov. He’ll also run into a few members of Task Force 141 along the way, who aren’t best pleased to see him alive and well.

How is Graves Back From the Dead?

The truth of the matter is probably very simple. Graves is a very popular character that Activision wanted to use to drive Battle Pass sales – therefore he had to be alive to feature in the story.

What’s more, Shadow Company both featured in the MW3 reveal event in Warzone, and returns for the new Campaign.

Regardless of how poorly his return from the grave (no pun intended) was handled, we’re happy to see more from Phillip Graves in Modern Warfare 3.

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