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How Many Halo Infinite Players Have Spent Money on Microtransactions?

A recent poll gave a good perspective on how Halo Infinite Multiplayer fans spend their money on in-game microtransactions.

Halo Infinite Multiplayers is now reaching its second month. During that time, gamers have accessed Season 1 and several limited-time events.

Many players have praised how well this title looks and plays compared to other multiplayer offerings that launched last year.

Of course, there are many criticisms about Halo Infinite Multiplayer. For example, many players have criticized the lack of game modes for the limited time events.

343 Industries seem to be already working on this problem. Recent leaks revealed King of the Hill and upgraded Tactical Slayer playlists coming to the Cyber Showdown event.

To see how players were reacting to the content available in Halo Infinite, a YouTuber polled his audience and provided a good insight on how players spend their money on microtransactions.

Poll Reveals Halo Infinite Fans’ Microtransaction Spending Habits

A recent poll conducted by YouTuber Ascend Hyperion surveyed over six thousand Halo Infinite gamers about their microtransaction and overall spending habits in-game.

The first question presented is if gamers had purchased something from the store at least once. Surprisingly, the poll revealed almost half of the participants had made a store purchase.

When it comes to Battle Pass reception, over 80% of the poll participants claimed to have bought it.

Statistics From Halo Infinite Fans

The most interesting part of this poll is certainly how gamers spent their microtransaction money in Halo Infinite.

These are the categories included and the results for each one:

  • Bought Pass, No Items – 35.7%
  • Bought Items, No Pass – 2.0%
  • Bought Pass and Items – 45.7%
  • Bought Nothing – 16.6%

One of the major reveals in this poll is that very few fans of the game had bought nothing, with a substantial minority of 16.6%.

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Ascend Hyperion

Additionally, the poll showed that an overwhelming number of gamers believe prices in the store are way too high.

Keep in mind that this poll is a minor representation of the Halo fandom. It serves only as a curious insight into how Halo Infinite fans perceive and spend on microtransactions.

As well, the responses come from subscribers of Ascend Hyperion. It is safe to assume his audience consists of devoted fans of the franchise, who are more likely to spend on Halo Infinite microtransactions.

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Ascend Hyperion

There are certainly a lot of elements that affect how much players want to spend in a game. Recently, Halo Infinite fans complained about desync issues in the game.

As well, reports of cheaters ending matches early by using hacks that crashed servers started popping up online.

In response to these concerns, 343 Industries stated a solution for the desync problem is being investigated.

Also, the developer announced that an anti-cheat solution for Halo Infinite would launch in February.

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Comments 2


Stephen P Schwartz

Friday 14th of January 2022

I'm one of the ones that bought nothing. To everyone else... thanks for encouraging predatory monetization.


Tuesday 18th of January 2022

@Stephen P Schwartz, I haven't bought anything either but if others want to pay for cosmetics to subsidize a free to play game they can be my guest.