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How Does Warzone Play on the PS5 – FPS, Resolution, Loading, & More

The PS5 is finally here, and players are eager to see just how the console handles Warzone. Now, we finally have an answer.

Players all over the world are finally getting their hands on the PS5 after months of waiting. The next-gen unit boasts lightning-fast loading times, a severe boost to power, and incredible graphical capabilities.

One of the biggest questions on the mind of console players right now is just how well can the PS5 run Warzone. The battle royale title is notoriously sporadic with its performance, and we’re hoping that the PS5 will fix these issues.

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We finally have our answer, courtesy of YouTuber jackfrags, who got his hands on the console early. It’s worth noting that parts of the world are only just waking up and getting their hands on the PS5 now.

That, plus Warzone’s lengthy download time, means that it may be a few more hours before players start reporting in for themselves.

How Does Warzone Play on the PS5?

(Source: Activision)

Before we jump into how exactly Warzone performs better on the PS5 over the PS4, it’s important to note one thing. In a recent video, jackfrags indicates that he believes this version of Warzone is still a backward-compatible version of the game.

That means that if Warzone is getting an upgrade on the PS5, this isn’t it just yet. But that doesn’t mean that performance isn’t already getting a boost.

Loading Times

(Source: Activision)

In a direct comparison between the PS4 and PS5 loading times, the new technology smokes its competition. From the game’s menu, the PS4 Pro takes 25.02 seconds to load into a Warzone Solos match.

Comparatively, the PS5 takes only 17.58 seconds before dropping into Warzone. It’s not the lightning-fast loading time you’ll get on many PlayStation 5 titles, but it’s a solid boost nonetheless.

In a Trios lobby, the PS4 Pro has a loading time of 25.57 seconds. Here, the PS5 again clocks in a far quicker time, at just 18.33 seconds.

Jackfrags does point out, however, that loading into Warzone before other players isn’t in any way an advantage. However, it shows off the power of the PS5 and allows you to wait less before at least getting stuck into some pre-round action.


(Source: Activision)

Because this version of Warzone is still likely the backward-compatible PS4 game, the resolution doesn’t yet see a boost on the PS5. From what we can tell, the game looks basically identical to the PS4 version, at least for now.

Should a Warzone next-gen upgrade come in the near future, and we believe it will, that’s when we’ll really start to see the resolution getting a boost. The PS5 is capable of outputting resolutions of 4K, so Warzone might be getting a serious upgrade.

Frame Rate

(Source: Activision)

On the PS4 Pro, Warzone boasts a decent 60 FPS frame rate, at least most of the time. However, the game definitely suffers from frame drops during more intensive moments.

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This issue may now be completely obsolete, thanks to the power of the PS5. According to jackfrags, the PS5 can run Warzone at a much more stable 60 FPS.

In fact, the YouTuber states that he didn’t notice any frame drops, even during active firefights. This is sure to make the PS5 a must-buy for any Warzone streamer or pro-player, even before a next-gen patch.


(Source: Activision)

Like with the resolution, it appears that there are no changes made to the Warzone textures at the minute. However, given that Warzone is a game that looks slightly nicer on PC than PS4, it’s not out of the question.

Now that the PS5 is here to replace its younger sibling, the console can certainly handle a potential texture upgrade. But this is again something that will have to wait for an unconfirmed next-gen upgrade for Warzone in the future.

If you’re wondering how to transfer and play your PS4 games on PS5, look no further. It’s very easy to get Warzone installed on your PS5 console and experience the boost in performance.

Players are also preparing for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s release, meaning that there will soon be multiple active CoD titles on the PS5. After an incredibly successful Beta testing period, Treyarch has made some big changes to Black Ops Cold War.

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