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How Does The FUT Cross-Platform Transfer Market Work in FIFA 23?

Thanks to all the new cross-platform options and cross-play, EA has decided to create a shared Transfer Market between certain platforms in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

The shared Transfer Market does not include every platform. Some platforms still have their own unique Transfer Market.

So it’s important to know where you land because it will generally affect how expensive some cards are and how you build your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Platforms Which Share a Transfer Market in FUT

The following 6 platforms will share a single transfer market in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X
  • Stadia

While the following platforms have their own individual Transfer Markets and will not share with any other platform (including each other):

  • Switch
  • PC

This means that anyone playing on Switch will only be able to participate in a Transfer Market with other Switch players. The same goes for PC players.

Players that choose to go with the Switch version of FIFA 23 will also be unable to take part in any of the new FIFA 23 crossplay features.

It is unusual that PC won’t be able to participate in the shared Transfer Market, considering they are able to play with other platforms and add their friends using the new FIFA 23 widget, EA Social.

FIFA 23 Transfer Market

What Does a Shared Transfer Market Mean for FIFA 23 Players?

A shared Transfer Market in FIFA 23 means that gamers will be sharing the same pool of cards across multiple platforms.

A larger pool of players potentially means that:

  • It will potentially lower the price of obscure cards.
    • This may prove to be useful when looking for players to use in SBCs.
  • The price between buying and selling is likely much smaller, meaning trading is more efficient.
  • Fairly priced cards will sell quicker during SBC weeks due to a larger amount of gamers searching for them.
  • Some of the more difficult cards to find are more obtainable in FIFA 23.
    • In FIFA 22, Position Modifier cards are incredibly hard to find due to low supply. So a shared Transfer Market could very well help with this issue. It’ll also be interesting since Position Modifier cards have been regulated to just one card in FIFA 23.
  • PC players will more than likely suffer from less liquidity due to having a noticeably smaller pool.

Keeping an eye on how the market fluctuates is one of the best ways to build a strong team in FUT.

Why Does the Cross-Platform Transfer Market Not Include PC?

The Shared Transfer Market on PC most likely does not include PC because EA is still trying to minimize cheating on the platform.

FIFA Ultimate Team on PC is known for having cheaters that inflate the Transfer Market.

In the official EA Pitch Notes for crossplay, EA stated they are implementing additional FIFA 23 Anti-Cheat measures to the PC version.

Although it has not been confirmed that this is the reason PC has been left out.

Gamers on Reddit have already shared their opinions behind this decision. Some understand where EA is coming from, while others are upset about what this means for the PC market.

Some of the more expensive cards in FIFA 23, like the FUT Icons, will likely not see much of a difference between the PC, Switch, and Cross-Platform Transfer Market pools.

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