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How Broken is Warzone? Cheaters & Glitches Stop Players Having Fun

Warzone has become so full of cheaters and glitches that many players can’t enjoy it any more.

If you’re reading this, you probably enjoy Warzone. However, anyone who has played Warzone has most likely encountered one of these problems.

Many players can overlook problems with Warzone, however, others can’t. Some players even say that the amount of cheaters and huge glitches in Warzone at the moment makes the game ” really unenjoyable”.


Is Warzone Broken?

A new Reddit post by TNGSystems has started a discussion about whether players are enjoying Warzone any more. Lots of gamers definitely have fun playing Warzone, however, it is full of cheaters and glitches even after a whole year of updates.

Warzone Cheaters are Out of Control

The first point TNGSystems makes is that he comes across a hacker almost every game. This has been a problem since Warzone launched, even if Activision recently banned over 60,000 cheaters from Warzone.

The cheaters just come back to Warzone every time even if Raven issues numerous ban waves. This has led to many players, like TNGSystems, becoming fed up with Warzone.

warzone plane skydive

Warzone has Too Many Glitches

Cheaters can be frustrating, but when you combine that with glitches, then some Warzone players can’t take in any more. Even if game-breaking bugs like the infinite stim glitch have finally been fixed, there are still plenty of other issues in the game.

TNGSystems mentions a number of frustrating glitches in the game. This includes one that stops downed players from moving properly as well as performance issues becoming worse.

He also mentions the stealth weapon changes that have happened in Season 2. The MAC-10 got a huge nerf in Season 2 and players should now use this new best loadout for the SMG Warzone.

warzone wallhacks cheaters

Warzone Season 2 Update Disappointing?

The final point he mentions is that the Season 2 update for Warzone was disappointing. It brought Zombies to Warzone but added little else.

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Not all of the new content has released yet, so why not check out everything releasing in Warzone Season 2 yourself to see if you agree.

This, in addition to the cheaters and glitches, are why some players don’t find Warzone fun any more, and a lot of players agree. You can read the full post below.

TNGSystems Reddit

Meanwhile, Warzone players have also asked for Raven to add a firing range so they can test their guns. This would be the perfect place to try out the best loadout for Warzone Season 2.

If all of the cheaters and glitches have stopped Warzone from being fun for you too, why not try the Cold War Zombies Outbreak Free Access Week?

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G Lewis

Friday 6th of August 2021

Warzone is full of cheats . END OF!!!