Starfield is one of the most anticipated games of 2023, and Early Access begins imminently.

Players have already begun to stream themselves playing Starfield and finding their space legs, but this doesn’t mean that they found a way to bypass Early Access or received unauthorized early copies.

Thankfully, there is a pretty simple explanation to why so many people are already playing Starfield.

How Are People Playing Starfield Before Release?

People are already playing Starfield due to having early codes from Bethesda for the purpose of reviewing the game or providing content for it before its official release.

This allows content creators to get a head start with streaming/creating content, and it gives viewers an extra day to see what Starfield is all about and how it actually plays. It is a marketing tactic that many companies have begun to adopt because it gives a game much more exposure.

When a game is streamed before its release, it allows players to simply focus on the content rather than worrying about playing it themselves. This can help persuade some players to purchase Starfield or even allow the game to become a talking point among gaming communities.

Starfield Intro Gameplay

To obtain a review code, you need to either be an outlet providing reviews for games or a content creator with a substantial following.

However, there are always certain rules and embargos that you need to follow, or you could get in trouble with the company.

You can see all the players who are currently streaming Starfield on Twitch.

There is no other way to play Starfield. Most players will need to wait until Early Access goes live on September 1, 2023. Even players who are waiting for the Game Pass version of Starfield to launch can obtain Early Access.