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How To Get Hoverboard Mount in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a game that has a decent variety of mounts in its collection. One particular mount you can get is a Hoverboard.

You can unlock a lot of mounts in the game. If you have your sights on hoverboard mount, then you will need to explore the game’s world.

You need to level up your character to level 50 and gain a lot of skill points. Here are some tips on how to get more skill points in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Hoverboard Mount

Where to Find Hoverboard Mount in Lost Ark

There are several conditions you need to fulfill in order to be able to unlock hoverboard mount.

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  • You need to have character level 50
  • Complete the North Vern storyline
  • Unlock Una’s Tasks

On Arthetine, east of Arid Path, there is an island. It is known as Facility X-301. You need to choose Android Emancipation after arriving at your location.

  • Complete Serviceable Condition mission obtained by Defective Product NPC
  • Acquire 1000 Power Batteries
  • Return Secret Hideout Access Card to Defective Product NPC

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Lost Ark Sailing Island
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After all these steps, you can take on the Experimental Tarmakum boss. You need to fight him in order to complete the Android Emancipation quest.

It is recommended that you have a gear score of at least 300 or above.

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You will need to complete this quest 15 times in order to gain 150 reputation points. They are needed to unlock the hoverboard mount. These quests restart only once a day. This whole process takes 15 days, but that is how you unlock the hoverboard mount in Lost Ark.

Alternatively, watching select Lost Ark Twitch streams such as Fextralife or jessirocks for 4 hours will also allow you to unlock the hoverboard for free!

For more guides and news on Lost Ark, make sure that you follow our Lost Ark section.

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