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What Does Horse Manure Do in Fire Emblem Engage?

Horse Manure is a joke gift in Fire Emblem Engage that can be given to any of your allies to elicit a strange, and often hilarious response. However there are no negative side-effects to giving a character Horse Manure and your relationship is not harmed.

Handing out gifts is usually a great way to raise your bond with a chosen ally. By growing closer with a unit, players are able to enhance their skills together in battle.

These Fire Emblem Engage characters can also be romanced, allowing Alear to find a close partner to cherish.

Horse Manure Gift in Fire Emblem Engage

Of course, not all characters will enjoy receiving the same gifts. And without even checking our Fire Emblem Engage gift-giving guide, you can be quite certain that no character is actively on the hunt for Horse Manure.

“Ordinary horse manure. That’s it.” the item description reads. “You could technically give it to someone, but why would you?”

The answer to the question posed is, of course, because it’s funny.

What Can You Do With Horse Manure in Fire Emblem Engage?

Horse Manure only serves one purpose in Fire Emblem Engage – it can be given as a gift to allies. However, while most people won’t be too thrilled about their new gift, giving them Horse Manure won’t harm your relationship with them.

To give an ally their pungent gift, simply interact with them in the Somniel and select ‘Gift’. Then, choose ‘Horse Manure’ and enjoy their response.

Celine Horse Manure Fire Emblem Engage

Since it’s not harmful to your support bonds, players can feel free to hand out Manure whenever they feel like it.

Amber Horse Manure Fire Emblem Engage

And given that Horse Manure is one of the most commonly found items on the ground in Fire Emblem Engage, you’re certain to have plenty to hand out.

Alcryst Horse Manure Fire Emblem Engage

Strangely enough, while it doesn’t raise your bond with her, Lapis actually seems to be happy that you’ve given her the gift. Though perhaps she’s just being nice to the Divine Dragon, who at the end of the day is effectively her Deity.

Lapis Horse Manure Fire Emblem Engage

How to Get Horse Manure in Fire Emblem Engage

To find more Horse Manure, simply look for glowing sparkles on the ground in both post-battle exploration and the Somniel, then press A to interact with it.

Manure is one of the most common items found on the ground, so you’ll never be short of a great gift!

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