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Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.05 Patch Notes – Bug Fixes & More

The first post-launch update for Horizon Forbidden West is here – here are the biggest changes in the HFW 1.05 patch notes!

PlayStation fans have been loving Horizon Forbidden West so far with Aloy’s second adventure being bigger and even more exciting than the first.

However, with the vast Forbidden West to explore and plenty more side quests than its predecessor, a few bugs were likely. Luckily, developer Guerrilla Games has been fast to act to fix the glitches.

Less than a week after the game’s release, Horizon Forbidden West patch 1.05 is here. Check out all of the glitches it has fixed below!

But first, these guides will help you find all of the collectibles in Horizon Forbidden West:

Horizon Forbidden West
Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.05 Patch Notes

The Horizon Forbidden West 1.05 patch will fix plenty of the game’s most frustrating issues.

Firstly, and most importantly Guerrilla Games has fixed some issues that were stopping players from completing the Horizon Forbidden West main quests. This includes auto-save, traversal, and AI glitches that prevented players from completing missions.

The 1.05 update has also removed some glitches to do with side quests, errands, and world activities. This will hopefully mean players won’t have issues completing missions and salvage contracts or even climbing up one of the game’s towering Tallnecks that uncover the map.

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Horizon Forbidden West
Guerrilla Games

Additionally, the patch has fixed one of the skills in Horizon Forbidden West’s huge skill tree. Previously the ‘Second Chance’ skill didn’t work at all, but update 1.05 has solved this.

Finally, the update also has fixes for small visual glitches to do with NPCs, the HUD, and map icons to make the game more immersive and the HFW fast travel system smoother.

What’s more, Guerrilla Games is aware of graphical issues that some players are experiencing. While the 1.05 update doesn’t fix them yet, a future update will.

Hopefully, update 1.05 irons out most of the bugs in Horizon Forbidden West. It was already pretty polished upon release, so this update should have the finishing touches the game needs!

Check out the full Horizon Forbidden West 1.05 update patch notes here.

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