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Horizon Forbidden West: How to Unlock All Rideable Machines – Sunwing, Clawstrider Bristleback

Horizon Forbidden West gives Aloy more variety in rideable machines than ever – here’s where to find them all!

In your adventures in the Forbidden West, players will come across more than a few rideable machines, but you’ll need to unlock them first.

One of the most exciting reveals before the new game’s launch is that Aloy can fly a machine mount in Horizon Forbidden West!

But soaring through the sky isn’t the only way to explore the Forbidden West in style. After all, there are a handful of rideable machines to encounter in the dangerous new lands.

Make sure you know how to override and ride machines in Horizon Forbidden West! Then, since you only start with the Charger in your rideable roster, it’s time to unlock some new machine mounts.

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Where to Unlock All Rideable Machine Mounts in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West has a few new machine mounts to find and unlock. Here’s where you’ll discover each one:


Horizon Forbidden West Mount
Guerrilla Games

Thankfully, you won’t need to unlock all machines from the get-go and your trusty Charger will still be rideable right away! You are first prompted to override a Charger as an optional objective during The Embassy, the game’s 4th Main Quest.


Horizon Forbidden West Bristleback
Guerrilla Games

To ride the Bristleback, players will need to complete Main Quest 6: The Dying Lands. In this quest, you’ll get familiar with the concept of Cauldrons.

These underground dungeons will allow you to unlock new overrides for machines, and this first one will give you access to the Bristleback as a mount.

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Ride Machines in Horizon Forbidden West
Guerrilla Games

Back in Horizon Forbidden West’s first gameplay trailer, we saw an enemy riding a Clawstrider. Now, you can too, just by completing IOTA Cauldron.

You’ll need to be Level 22 or higher to handle this Cauldron, which is found right at the top center of the map. Locate it just North of The Shining Wastes Tallneck.

Given just how big the Horizon Forbidden West map is, it may be some time until you unlock this final land-based mount.


Horizon Forbidden West Ride Machines
Guerrilla Games

As for Horizon Forbidden West‘s only flying mount, the Sunwing will be unlocked through Main Quest 14: Gemini. Again, this will require players to head into a Cauldron to unlock mounting the flying mechanical beast.

Be sure you know how to unlock all Horizon Forbidden West Trophies! After all, you’ll need to use your new mounts for some of them.

And don’t forget, you can override many machines without being able to ride them. And with Horizon Forbidden West having a staggering number of machines to encounter, those Cauldrons are well worth your time!

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