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Horizon Forbidden West: Thunderjaw Guide – Weaknesses, Where to Find, Loot & More

The Thunderjaw is one of Horizon Forbidden West’s aggressive new predators. Here’s everything you need to know about this fearsome machine.

Aloy’s monster hunting endeavors continue in the newest entry, with old and new faces returning to face her.

One of the fan-favorite machines from the previous entry, the Thunderjaw is returning stronger than ever.

With a new map, new gadgets and new enemies, it’s a slice of familiarity to see an old monster foe have such a presence in the sequel.

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Horizon Forbidden West Thunderjaw Guide

Thunderjaw makes quite an entrance when faced, with its powerful array of weapons and strong, long-ranged attacks. But, just like every other machine in Horizon Forbidden West, it has some key weaknesses.

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Thunderjaw Attacks

The Thunderjaw, as his name suggests, is a very fierce foe that hits like thunder. His attacks consist primarily of long-range projectiles and lasers.

Also, when his life points are lowered enough, he will start using a very powerful charge attack.

To fight the Thunderjaw you will need to craft a lot of arrows, since he is quite a tanky foe, and his long-range will not allow you to get that close, making hits on him quite hard to land.

Horizon Forbidden West how to find, kill and loot Thunderjaw
Sony – Guerilla Games

It also uses a powerful charge if you get too close, so keep that in mind and keep your distance.

If you’re an easter egg hunter, make sure you know all about this God of War reference.

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Thunderjaw Strengths and Weaknesses

The Thunderjaw’s strengths are primarily his main two attacks. The multi-laser beam and the minigun attached to its jaw. These attacks can only be interrupted by breaking his weak points.

Another strength of the Thunderjaw is the long-range of its attacks. It forces players to approach the beast differently than other beasts, because its attacks also have powerful knockback effects, so you really have to find a sweet spot where you can see it, but it can’t properly attack you.

It is resistant to fire, frost, shock, purgewater, and plasma, and its only weakness is acid damage.

When approaching a Thunderjaw, try to attack it from either high ground, to dodge its attacks easy using terrain, or next to walls so you can hide behind them while the monster is charging its attacks. Also, as with all the other machines in Horizon Forbidden West, try attacking its weak points first.

Thunderjaw Loot:

  • Metal Shards
  • Crystal Braiding
  • Glowblast
  • Luminous Brainstem
  • Apex Thunderjaw Heart
  • Braided Wire
  • Thunderjaw Circulator
  • Large Machine Core
  • Thunderjaw Primary Nerve
  • Volatile Sludge
  • Piercing Spike
  • Machine Muscle
  • Metal Bone
  • Sturdy Hardplate
  • Useable Weapon (detach Disc Launcher on its back)
  • Thunderjaw Tail (detach tail)

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Horizon Forbidden West Thunderjaw Guide. Where to find and how to defeat Thunderjaw
Guerrilla Games

Where to Find a Thunderjaw in Horizon Forbidden West?

The Thunderjaw is one of the most commonly found machines in HFW. You can find them in almost every region, and they are also a mandatory enemy in the first chapters of the story.

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To gain great vantage points when fighting the Thunderjaw, make sure you master the pullcaster grappling hook and the shieldwing glider.

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