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Horizon Forbidden West: Slaughterspine Guide – Weaknesses, Where to Find, Loot & More

Another one of the fantastic machine beasts you can find in the world of Forbidden West, the Slaughterspine is a formidable enemy.

An iconic part of the Horizon games has always been hunting and slaying cybernetic dinosaurs. Forbidden West is no different, as Aloy’s journey continues.

With new a huge new world and many new monsters to discover, one of the most ferocious beasts you can encounter is the Slaughterspine.

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Slaughterspine Guide – Horizon Forbidden West

As its name suggests, the Slaughterspine is a deadly enemy which you can encounter while exploring out in the wild. But be prepared for a fight because it is one of the stronger monsters you can encounter.

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Slaughterspine Attacks

You are going to want to fight the Slaughterspine with mid-range attacks, not too far from it but also not too up close and personal.

The Slaughterspine deals most of its damage by enhancing its attacks with plasma, which can do devastating damage. Make sure to attack it while it’s charging plasma as to not allow the creature to enhance its attacks.

It is not the tankiest enemy you can find but also not the squishiest, so be prepared. The longer the fight will last, the more difficult it will be for you to defeat it.

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Horizon Forbidden west slaugherspine guide
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Slaughterspine Strengths and Weaknesses

The Slaughterspine’s strengths are mainly its plasma attacks, so don’t let him charge it. As it is with the other beasts in HFW, focusing on its weak points also greatly increases your chances of defeating the monster.

It is also resistant to fire, shock, acid, and plasma damage, which is quite a lot of resistances. Make sure you plan your attack beforehand. Or, if you spot in in the wild, take a minute to get behind it and launch an ambush.

You can easily use the Shieldwing Glider to get behind the Slaughterspine or any other monster in the game.

The creature is weak to frost and purgewater damage, so make sure you pack a lot of projectiles. Try to hit its weak points as much as possible, and to stop his plasma charge.

Also, be mindful because it is a little bit faster than other creatures like the Tremortusk.

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Slaughterspine Loot

  • Metal Shards
  • Piercing Spike
  • Glowblast
  • Crystal Braiding
  • Sturdy Hardplate
  • Large Machine Core
  • Slaughterspine Circulator
  • Slaughterspine Primary Nerve
  • Volatile Sludge
  • Machine Muscle
  • Braided Wire
  • Metal Bone
  • Luminous Brainstem
  • Blastpaste (detach Processing Capsule or Capacitor Capsule)
  • Purgewater (detach Purgewater Canister)
  • Useable Weapon (detach Plasma Spine Launcher on its back)
  • Useable Weapon (detach Spinetail Lancer on its tail)

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Slaughterspine how to find and kill it in Horizon Forbidden West
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Where to Find a Slaughterspine in Horizon Forbidden West

The Slaughterspine can be found in the more Western regions of the map. For example, it can easily be found a few clicks East of the Arena.

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