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Horizon Forbidden West Reveals New Climbing, Story Details, Melee System & More

Horizon Forbidden West is releasing some brand-new details about climbing, story details, its new melee system, and more!

If there’s one game we’re excited about for the PS5 in 2021, it’s Horizon Forbidden West. The long-awaited follow-up to Zero Dawn is almost here, and we’re finally getting new gameplay footage.

Recently, Horizon Forbidden West had the biggest State of Play ever, breaking previous records easily. And the incredible new Horizon gameplay looked gorgeous, truly showing the power of the next-gen system.

But there’s bad news for the game too. After all, Horizon Forbidden West may not release in 2021, according to a recent interview with the PlayStation Boss.

Horizon Forbidden West Delayed to 2022 Sony Reveals
(Source: Guerrilla Games)

Horizon Forbidden West New Details Revealed

It’s a big week for Horizon fans, as we’re getting more details about Horizon Forbidden West!

In a new interview with Game Informer, game director Mathijs de Jonge, and narrative director Benjamin McCaw reveal new details about their upcoming project.

After the success of the recent State of Play, gamers have been wanting to see more of Horizon Forbidden West. And now, we’re finally getting our chance.

But while we’re hearing more good things about Horizon, God of War Ragnarok is getting delayed until 2022. We’ll have to hope that Forbidden West is enough to keep PS5 hype at a high.

Free-Climbing and Movement Upgrades

Right away, it’s clear that Horizon Forbidden West has major upgrades to its climbing and overall movement. According to the game’s developers, Aloy can now free-climb anywhere on the map, allowing more areas to become accessible.

What’s more, tools like the grapple hook and glider will help Aloy navigate the game’s open world. And that’s not all for Horizon’s movement improvements either.

horizon forbidden west movement
(Source: Guerrilla Games)
Guerrilla Games

One particular improvement that Mathijs de Jonge reveals is that players will no longer find a ledge to be just out of reach in Forbidden West. Aloy is now able to perform a high vault in order to ensure there’ll be nothing stopping you from reaching that tricky platform.

But one of the biggest things that gamers have been waiting to hear about is how the game plays on PS4. Now, we finally have some news about last-gen consoles:

Horizon Forbidden West: PS4 vs PS5 Differences Revealed

New Melee System

One of the big standouts of the new Horizon Forbidden West gameplay footage was the addition of Aloy’s ‘Valor Surges’. These special moves are available in the redesigned skill tree system, which supports several different play styles.

Each branch of the skill tree contains different Valor Surges to unlock, and one skill can be active at a time. By playing tactically, players will gain tactical combat XP which they can consume to activate a Valor Surge.

Things like headshots on human enemies, or removing plates from machines are what Guerrilla Games sees as tactical play.

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horizon forbidden west combat details
(Source: Guerrilla Games)

“The melee weapon and the melee systems have been greatly expanded,” Mathijs de Jonge explains. “We now have different combos that you can also acquire through the skill tree.”

One example shown in the game’s State of Play trailer has Aloy charging up her spear with consecutive hits before discharging the energy onto an opponent. Shooting the enemy with an arrow will then detonate that energy for an excellent finishing move.

Horizon Forbidden West Story Details

In terms of story, Horizon Forbidden West has a strong new adventure for players to experience. Six months have passed since the events of Zero Dawn and Aloy has noticed the Red Blight signaling the degradation of the Biosphere.

In her efforts to prevent the spread of the Red Blight, Aloy is heading into the Forbidden West, a mysterious frontier filled with new enemies and machine life. Here, she’ll meet additional challenges as well as old friends and some new companions.

“You will absolutely see more returning characters,” Benjamin McCaw confirms. “And you will meet some new companions that I think players are really going to enjoy.”

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Horizon Forbidden West State of Play
(Source: Guerrilla Games)

According to the narrative director, a main focus in Horizon Forbidden West’s development is giving players more face time and development with the characters found in the game’s world.

The game’s world is also reportedly bigger than Zero Dawn was, but with a focus on density. There will be a mixture of biomes to explore, and the underwater gameplay is also more developed than you may think.

In terms of other Sony exclusives, we just got a massive new Spider-Man 2 leak including details about Venom. And it looks as though Horizon may soon come to mobile devices too!

Meanwhile, we’re hearing new details about GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced, which is coming to PS + subscribers for free!

And the best news you’ll hear all day is here – the PS5 stock shortage could soon be over!

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