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Horizon Forbidden West: How to Save Your Game

Horizon Forbidden West signals Aloy’s next adventure through machine-infested wastelands and this journey is going to be a long one. Here’s how to manually save your game to maintain your progress.

The wild lands of the Forbidden West can be brutal, so sometimes you may feel unsure about taking on one of Guerrilla Games’ more dangerous adversaries.

Our guides can help you take down those fearsome machines, but for extra security, you can save your game before a risky fight and jump straight into round 2 if you are defeated.

Or, after acquiring some precious gear, consider saving to ensure it remains in your inventory for good.

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How to Save Your Game Progress in Horizon Forbidden West

Whilst Horizon Forbidden West does autosave your progress, manually saving is possible from any of the game’s many campfires scattered around the expansive map.

Campfires were present in the franchise’s previous game, Horizon Zero Dawn, and return this time around as resting places for Aloy as she battles through the Forbidden West. This is how you use them:

Aloy riding a machine overlooking some watchers
Guerrilla Games
  • Locate a campfire using the in-game map (flame & crossed sticks icon)
  • Here you’ll see the options to Quick Save or Manual Save
  • Pressing Triangle will Quick Save
  • Pressing Square will take you to the Manual Save screen
  • Choose a save slot to save your progress

Multiple save slots are available, so you should make use of these while hunting every trophy in Horizon Forbidden West. Alternatively, you may use these slots to experience all of Aloy’s important choices throughout her journey.

Campfires aren’t only used for saving though, so check out their other uses here!

Want to see just how many missions you’ll be taking on throughout the Forbidden West? We’ve got you covered.

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