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Horizon Forbidden West: Download Size For PS4 & PS5 Revealed

Here’s the full game download size for Horizon Forbidden West – make sure your PS4 or PS5 has this much storage space available!

Horizon Fordbidden West is the first huge PlayStation exclusive game of the year and gamers can’t wait to see the next chapter in Aloy’s story.

With a vast world for Aloy to explore, Forbidden West promises to be a much bigger game than its predecessor, in both scope and actual file size!

Luckily, we already know the download size for the game on both PS4 and PS5. You might want to make some room on your console – it’s a big one!

Also, find out how to upgrade the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West to PS5 for free!

Horizon Forbidden West
Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West PS4 / PS5 Download Size & Pre-Load Date Leak

Anyone who has pre-ordered the standard or Digital Deluxe Edition of Horizon Forbidden West will be able to pre-load the game very soon. Here are the download sizes for the game on PS4 and PS5.

Reliable source @PlayStationSize has revealed how big the download for Horizon Forbidden West will be for each region.

This information is not confirmed yet and is subject to change, but is a good indicator of how large the game will be.

The Horizon Forbidden West Download Sizes on PS5 are:

  • US : 87.608 GB
  • EU : 98.074 GB
  • Japan : 83.797 GB

There are some huge differences between the PS4 and PS5 versions of Horizon Forbidden West, however, the download sizes are very similar.

Horizon Forbidden West Mount
Guerrilla Games

The Horizon Forbidden West Download Sizes on PS4 are:

  • US : TBC
  • EU : 90.243 GB
  • Japan : TBC

Even if PS5 will be the best way to play the game, Horizon Forbidden West still looks stunning on PS4.

Unfortunately, the US and Japan pre-load sizes for PS4 are not available just yet, but we will add them in as soon as they are revealed. We imagine they will be around 8 GB less than the PS5 version.

Additionally, the Digital Deluxe content is 1.647 GB and the day 1 patch will be around 2 GB.

Plus, anyone who has pre-ordered the game will be able to pre-load it from midnight on February 11. This means you have plenty of time to download Horizon Forbidden West on your PS4 or PS5 before release day!

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