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Horizon Forbidden West: Charger Guide – Weaknesses, Where to Find, Loot & More

The Charger is making its return to Horizon Forbidden West as one of the most reliable and recognizable machines in the game. Here’s everything you should know about the Charger!

Horizon Forbidden West is home to a lot of incredible new machines, but none of them give off that nostalgic feel that the Charger does. As the original mount in Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s a machine that players spent a lot of time with.

Thankfully, it makes its return in Horizon Forbidden West. But, it may not behave as many players remember. Here’s everything you need to know about the Charger in Horizon Forbidden West.

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Horizon Forbidden West Charger
Guerilla Games

Charger Guide – Horizon Forbidden West

The Charger is one of the most prominent machines in Horizon Forbidden West. Players can find them in various parts of the map which can be pretty handy since they can be overridden and used as a mount.

Chargers are one of the more peaceful machines. You’ll usually find them in herds, grazing in grass areas. A lot of the time they’ll be near other more powerful machines. Which can make overriding one a difficult task if the player isn’t careful.

Charger Attacks

True to its name, the most devastating attack a Charger will use is a charging attack where it will ram its horns onto the player. It’s a pretty straightforward attack that can be easily avoided if a dodge is timed correctly.

Even the right armor can help you withstand a few hits, so make sure you know which armor is the best for you!

They also have a variety of kicks that they use for close-quarter combat. So getting up close and personal isn’t the best option when dealing with a Charger. But players that time their moves right can catch the Charger off guard and override it to use as a mount.

Make sure you know the ins and outs of overriding so you can ride this trusty steed through the Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West Charger
Guerilla Games

Charger Weaknesses

The biggest weakness the Charger has is that it is very limited in range. To do any sort of damage they need to physically hit you with their horns or their kicks.

At a distance, Aloy can easily do damage with her ranged weapons or sneak up on them for an easy override.

Aloy is also able to shoot its horns and completely disable them. Which takes the Charger’s ability to charge away.

This can easily be done with some well-placed arrows. Chargers are weak against shock damage as well.

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Charger Loot

  • Blaze
  • Metal Shards
  • Charger Circulator
  • Machine Muscle
  • Charger Primary Nerve
  • Small Machine Core
  • Metal Bone
  • Braided Wire
  • Sturdy Hardplate
  • Charger Horn

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Horizon Forbidden West Charger
Guerilla Games

Where to Find the Charger in Horizon Forbidden West

The Charger can be found pretty much all throughout Horizon Forbidden West, which is a great thing because it means that Aloy will always be near a mount to help her reach far areas. Players hoping to find hunting grounds that are close together can head to the northeastern side of the map, near the Cinnabar Sands.

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