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Horizon Forbidden West: All Door & Console Codes

Aloy’s progress depends on gaining access to restricted areas. Here are the Horizon Forbidden West door codes that will get you where you need to be!

In Horizon Forbidden West, you retake control of PlayStation icon Aloy as she battles to survive volatile machine encounters and harsh conditions across a variety of apocalyptic landscapes.

However, other obstacles in the form of locked doors will prevent you from advancing, therefore temporarily bringing your questing to a halt.

These doors don’t unlock with a traditional key, but rather with codes that Aloy must enter at their respective consoles.

Aloy can use her Focus scanner to study datapoints in order to reveal the codes in the way that developer Guerrilla Games intended. But, we’ve got the codes right here so that you can fast-track your way back to exploring the Forbidden West.

Just be sure you know how to get some key items, including the brand-new Shieldwing glider in Horizon Forbidden West!

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Horizon Forbidden West Aloy sneaks up behind two enemies
Guerrilla Games

All Door / Console Codes in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Main Quest: Death’s Door – 7482
  • Main Quest: Cradle of Echoes – 237
  • Side Quest: Forbidden Legacy – 102023 (Door One) / 4020625 (Door Two)
  • Side Quest: Nights of Lights (Relic Ruins: Hidden Ember) – 739135
  • The Daunt (Relic Ruins) – 1705
  • No Man’s Land (Relic Ruins) – 2204
  • Restless Weald (Relic Ruins) – 1923
  • Isle of Spires (Relic Ruins) – 2109 (7th floor)
  • Isle of Spires (Relic Ruins) – 109 (9th floor)
  • Isle of Spires (Relic Ruins) – 2109109 (6th floor – Relic Access)
  • The Base Door – 9626118

Using these codes could shave some minutes off your playthrough, but don’t worry, Horizon Forbidden West is confirmed to have a lengthy average completion time.

And, there’s tons to do in Aloy’s world this time around, including underwater exploration. To aid your subnautical exploits, get your hands on the diving mask and breathe beneath the surface.

Your game experience will be packed with a huge variety of monstrous machines. Therefore, it’s essential to get the lowdown on every machine in the game that you’ll be facing (or riding) across the Forbidden West.

Don’t miss our guide to defeating the fearsome Tremortusk! And make sure you know how to unlock all rideable Horizon machines, including the new flying mount!

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