Here’s where to find all the Mystery Trotter locations in the latest Honkai Star Rail event: ‘Where Are You Mystery Trotter ?’

Those who are saving up for Blade, Kafka, or even 1.3 characters and beyond will need every Stellar Jade they can get their hands on. And thankfully, the new Mystery Trotter event is giving players plenty of chances to nab some free currency!

In the ongoing event, players must use a new Anomaly Sensor to locate 7 Mystery Trotters in a new daily challenge. Here’s where to find all Mystery Trotter locations in Honkai Star Rail:

Where to Find All Mystery Trotter Locations in Honkai Star Rail

First Time

Clue: With the help of the sensor, I’m certain the answer lies in that thing in the Administrative District that sells things… That, that… Gah, you know what I mean!

Location: The Mystery Trotter is found in the Vending Machine immediately above the Goethe Hotel, in the Administrative District.

Where to Find Mystery Trotter Thing that Sells

Simply interact with the Vending Machine and purchase the Torn Manuscript Fragment for 1 Credit. The Mystery Trotter will then appear, allowing you to defeat it and earn rewards!

Rewards: Stellar Jade (70), Traveler’s Guide (3), Lifeless Blade (6), Torn Manuscript Fragment (1), Credits (20,000)

Second Time

Clue: Intuition, such colorful and dynamic intuition! Who’d have thought there’d be such a nice place in the Administrative District?

Location: The Mystery Trotter is hiding inside an advertising billboard, just up from the Golden Theater Space Anchor in the Administrative District. This time, the Anomaly Sensor will mark the general area on your map.

Where to Find Mystery Trotter Colorful and Dynamic

To find the Trotter, interact with the advertisement machine twice. It will then spring out, leading to a battle.

Rewards: Stellar Jade (70), Lost Crystal (4), Oath of Steel (4), Credits (20,000)

Third Time

Clue: Hearing the name Outlying Snow Plains always sends a chill down my spine – Even the intuition pouring into my brain feels freezing… Let’s just get it over with!

Location: The Mystery Trotter is hiding beneath a Snow Drift, a pile of snow and ice tucked right in the corner of the Outlying Snow Plains’ bend.

Where Are You Mystery Trotter Location Third Time

You can either choose to kick the Snow Drift or clear it gently. Either way, you’ll be battling the Trotter within!

Rewards: Stellar Jake (70), Refined Aether (3), Arrow of the Demon Slayer (4), Jim Roger Bread Soda (4) Credits (20,000)

Fourth Time

Clue: The art of light and shadow… I-I don’t understand it! I’ve never even been to Boulder Town – whatever will I find there?

Location: The Mystery Trotter clue will lead you to a projector sitting on a pile of crates, in the alley on the west side of Boulder Town.

Honkai Star Rail Projector Mystery Trotter Location

Interact with the projector and you’ll be able to show the child how to use it. After turning the projector on, an image of a Trotter on a slide will appear – however you don’t have to find the location shown!

Where to Find 4th Mystery Trotter

Instead, simply turn the projector off again and the Mystery Trotter will pop out of the image and attack.

Rewards: Stellar Jade (70), Refined Aether (3), Key of Knowledge (4), Credits (20,000)

Fifth Time

Clue: Exploring the universe is like looking for a teeny, tiny key. To investigate the anomaly in Rivet Town, the key must be found.

Location: The Mystery Trotter is hiding inside a wardrobe in Rivet Town, however interacting with the wardrobe will reveal that it’s locked and a key must be found.

Fifth Time Mystery Trotter Location

Luckily, the key can be found on top of a metal container nearby, allowing you to open the wardrobe and reveal the Trotter within.

Where to Find the Key Mystery Trotter

Rewards: Stellar Jade (70), Lost Crystal (4), Ancestral Hymn (4), Credits (20,000)

Sixth Time

Clue: A residence in the Great Mine? Does that mean where someone’s staying…? Did the anomaly hide among the crowd?

Location: The Mystery Trotter is hiding in the Great Mine, amongst the residents that have put up tents in the center of the area.

Mystery Trotter Hiding in Tent

Investigate the left-most tent and you’ll notice a Trotter hiding inside, beginning the battle.

Rewards: Stellar Jade (70), Traveler’s Guide (3), Sprout of Life (4), Credits (20,000)

Seventh Time

Clue: Something’s not right – very wrong indeed! My intuition is giving me a really bad feeling… Is this… a bad omen for Boulder Town?

Location: To find this Mystery Trotter, simply interact with the pile of golden ore in Boulder Town. After touching or kicking the crate, the Trailblazer suggests talking to the children beside it.

Seventh Time Where Are You Mystery Trotter

Interact with the children and you’ll discover that the person they’re talking to is a Mystery Trotter in disguise as Regin.

And after a slightly more difficult Trotter fight than usual, you’ll have your last objective complete!

Where to Find Final Mystery Trotter Honkai Star Rail

Rewards: Stellar Jade (80), Traveler’s Guide (3), Refined Aether (3), Lost Crystal (4), Obsidian of Desolation (4), Credits (50,000) + Tracks of Destiny (1) for completing all seven days

Now, you’ll be asked to return to talk to the real Regin once more and be rewarded with a final 5000 Credits for your efforts.

Where Are You, Mystery Trotter Event End Date

The ‘Where Are You, Mystery Trotter?’ event will come to an end on August 14, 2023 at 4 AM server time. However, players only need to take part in the event a maximum of 7 times to discover all Trotter locations.

Mystery Trotter Honkai Star Rail

What’s more, although a new survey unlocks each day, players who get to the event late are still able to participate in previous days’ surveys.

Players can now unlock everything the Mystery Trotter event has to offer, as of Day 7: Thursday, August 3, 2023.