The world of Honkai Star Rail is massive, and it’s difficult to predict what characters you may pull to join your team. It’s important to become familiar with the Honkai Star Rail Tier List to plan ahead.

This will help you learn how to build your team with nothing but the best characters in the Astral Express. However, every tier list is different.

Our Honkai Star Rail Tier List will cover the best DPS, Tank, Support, Debuffer, and Healer while helping you understand how each character fits into your team.

Best Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List – Version 1.3

Here are the best characters in the Honkai Star Rail Tier List to help players build the most powerful team:

S+Silver Wolf, Seele, Blade, Bronya, Luocha, Dan Heng (Imbibitor Lunae), Kafka
STingyun, Jing Yuan, Clara, Trailblazer (Fire), Yanqing, Bailu, Gepard, Pela
AAsta, Himeko, Yukong, Sushang, March 7th, Serval, Natasha, Welt
BDan Heng, Qingque
CSampo, Hook, Arlan
DHerta, Trailblazer (Physical)

This Tier List is organized to help players decide which 4-Star and 5-Star characters are worth pulling during a Character Event Banner.

Farming for Stellar Warps is time-consuming. Getting to a full ten pulls will require players to participate in events and commit to their daily quests. This is why knowing how well each character performs is important.

The worst is when players save their Stellar Jades to get a character that they end up not really enjoying. However, if you follow this Honkai Star Rail Tier List, we’ll ensure you never run into that situation.

It is important to understand that every tier list is just subjective and is based on our personal analysis and experience with these characters.

S+ Tier

S+ Tier characters are the absolute best that Honkai Star Rail has to offer. These characters are worth rerolling your account for or spending all your Stellar Jades on.

Each of these characters can thrive in most team settings and are a safe investment for any player. The ones focused on damage can carry you through most battles, while those focused on support can keep your team alive through any obstacle.

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Silver Wolf
5-Star, The Nihility, Quantum
Silver Wolf is one of the most valuable Support characters to have in Honkai Star Rail due to her ability to inflict weaknesses on enemies. This allows players to build teams around one specific element without having to worry about not being able to apply weakness breaks to enemies.
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5-Star, The Hunt, Lightning
Seele is the most deadly single-target DPS in Honkai: Star Rail. Her Talent allows her to attack again after eliminating a target. Due to how powerful her Skill is, players can easily take down a single enemy and get a follow-up turn because of it. Her Ultimate is devastating, and when paired up with her signature Light Cone, In The Night, players will have one of the best damage dealers in the game.
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5-Star, The Harmony, Wind
Bronya is currently one of the strongest support characters that players can obtain in Honkai: Star Rail. Her Combat Redeployment Skill allows her to dispel a debuff from a single ally, allow them to immediately take action, and boost their damage.
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5-Star, The Destruction, Wind
Blade is one of the most versatile characters in Honkai: Star Rail. He fits a variety of team setups and can thrive in the middle of a difficult battle. He sacrifices his health to maximize the damage of his attacks and has a Talent that will heal him once certain requirements are met. If you keep his health low, then his damage will increase. It seems risky, but Blade can usually take care of the enemy before they even get a chance to take advantage of his low health.
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5-Star, The Abundance, Imaginary
Luocha is an Imaginary element user that can dish out damage and heal his companions. He is one of the more offensive support types, but this doesn't mean he suffers from less healing abilities. It just means that not only can he keep your team alive during some difficult battles, but he can also participate in the damage dealing.
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Dan Heng - Imbibitor Lunae
5-Star, The Destruction, Imaginary
Dan Heng - Imbibitor Lunae can easily clear out entire enemy teams or even focus on high health bosses due to his single-target and AoE attacks. He is one of the most versatile characters in Honkai Star Rail and a must for any team.
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5-Star, The Nihility, Lightning
Kafka is one of the most powerful DoT characters in the game. She completely obliterates the her enemies over time due to her effects. Its best to pair her up with characters like Sampo and Luka since she does more damage when other DoT effects are in place. 

S Tier

S Tier characters are a fantastic addition to any team and can hold their own in most battles.

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4-Star, The Harmony, Lightning
Tingyun can take any Main DPS from A Tier and turn them into a serious competitor for S Tier. Her ability to increase the ATK of her team while also giving them an additional lightning attack is powerful. She is also able to regenerate Energy for an ally and boost their damage with her ultimate Amidst the Rejoicing Clouds. Her Eidolon upgrades only improve how helpful she is to her teammates. If you pair her up with Jing Yuan or Seele, you could decimate an enemy team before they reach their first turn.
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Jing Yuan
5-Star, The Erudition, Lightning
Due to his powerful follow-up attack, Jing Yuan is one of the heaviest damage dealers in Honkai: Star Rail. He is one of the best characters to use in the game because of his powerful AoE attacks that can obliterate foes with lightning. His Talent also allows his Lightning-Lord to do follow-up damage to his attacks. Jing Yuan is just a powerhouse that any team would welcome. If you pair him up with a character like Asta, who can increase his speed, you'll mow down the enemy forces.
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5-Star, The Destruction, Physical
Clara is a powerful Tank that can agro her enemies to focus attack [on] her. Once this is accomplished, she has her companion Svarog launch a counterattack and mark the enemies. Once the enemies are marked, Svarog will personally ensure that they are dealt the most damage possible for harming Clara. She is a fun character to use and one that has a great payoff for anyone looking to invest in her. She can also function as a Main DPS because of how powerful her follow-up attacks are at building her Ultimate. Every time she is attacked, Svarog will appear and attack back.
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4-Star, The Nihility, Ice
Pela is a great Support character because she ensures that the enemy team can't buff themselves to generate powerful attacks. Her Ultimate also severely reduces the DEF of enemies and deals AoE damage, so it's a powerful tool she can use often. She is also a great character to have in the second area you visit, Xianzhou Luofu, since her debuff takes away the self-revive ability of the mara-struck enemies.
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Trailblazer (Fire)
5-Star, The Preservation, Fire
When players equip the Trailblazer with the Fire Element, it completely elevates their abilities as a Tank to new heights. This version of the main character in Honkai Star Rail can increase their Damage Reduction and shield their own allies using the Talent Treasure of the Architects. Despite the relatively small shields they give their allies, the Trailblazer can agro the enemy and maintain the focus on themselves. This allows them to build Magma Will stacks to unleash devastating attacks.
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5-Star, The Abundance, Lightning
Bailu is the best healer in Honkai Star Rail and the only character in the entire game with a revival ability. Her healing potential seems almost limitless. Her Talent and Skill are crafted so that she can heal multiple allies. She is able to revive one knocked-down ally as soon as it happens. She fits well onto any team and can ensure your Main DPS is always in full health.
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5-Star, The Preservation, Ice
Gepard is a fantastic Tank character the outclasses the rest due to his ability to shield his entire team with his Ultimate and his tenacity. Once during battle, if Gepard is taken down, he will automatically heal for a percentage of his health. This means that he can withstand some powerful attacks without hindering his team. Players should look to add them to their team if they have a Main DPS prone to getting knocked about by the enemy team.
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5-Star, The Hunt, Ice
Yanqing is one of the best characters in Honkai: Star Rail and excels at single-target damage due to his critical rate chance and freeze capabilities. His talent allows him to do a follow-up attack when he gets a critical hit, and his skill increases the odds of obtaining a critical. This allows him to attack opponents until they are rendered frozen. By the time the enemy attacks, Yanqing already has his Ultimate ready to deliver the finishing blow.

A Tier

A Tier characters are usually a great way to round out your team and will do great damage/support during a battle.

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4-Star, The Harmony, Fire
Asta is one of the most versatile characters in the Honkai: Star Rail Tier List and can fit nicely into most team comps. Her abilities allow her to boost her team's speed while having a great AOE skill to break shields. Her Astrometry Talent has a Charging ability that can stack and allows her to increase her team's attack each time she hits a different enemy. This works well with her Meteor Storm, which sends out 4 bombardments and damages a random enemy.
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5-Star, The Erudition, Fire
Himeko is a fire-based Main DPS that uses powerful AoE and follow-up attacks to burn her enemies to the ground quickly. She is great at clearing out waves of enemies, and when you're able to use her Talent Victory Rush by exploiting enemy weaknesses to follow up and finish off foes she truly begins to shine. Thanks to her follow-up attacks, she can quickly build up her Ultimate, but she does lack when it comes to single-target damage.
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4-Star, The Harmony, Imaginary
Yukong is a powerful support character that can buff her allies, but she is limited to only applying the buff to the next to two turns. This makes it difficult to apply the buff to the attack you intend to use.
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4-Star, The Hunt, Physical
Sushang is a powerful single-target character that can deal powerful single-target Physical damage to an enemy and build her Ultimate quickly using follow-up attacks. Her Ultimate, Shape of Taixu: Dawn Herald, allows her to increase the likelihood of her follow-up attack which allows her to damage her opponent multiple times with one attack.
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March 7th
4=Star, The Preservation, Ice
March 7th is a great Tank character that can help her team withstand powerful attacks due to her skill Power is Cuteness that shields any of her team members. When building her, players need to focus on getting her to high defense to bring out the best in her. She can also apply Freeze to her enemies with her Ultimate so it can help push enemy turns further down. If a player were to get her to Eidolon 6, she becomes a powerhouse and could go as far as being considered an S-Tier Tank/Support. The "Just Like This. Always..." Eidolon 6 skill allows any ally under the protection of her shield to restore HP at the beginning of each turn.
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4-Star, The Erudition, Lightning
Serval has potential to be great, but requires a lot of investment into her attack damage. Her character is built to take advantage of the Shock effect and its continuous damage to enemies while it is in play. But if her overall Relics and Light Cone attack damage is low, then her abilities aren’t as powerful as they should be.
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4-Star, The Abundance, Physical
Serval has potential to be great, but requires a lot of investment into her attack damage. Her character is built to take advantage of the Shock effect and its continuous damage to enemies while it is in play. But if her overall Relics and Light Cone attack damage is low, then her abilities aren’t as powerful as they should be.
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5-Star, The Nihility, Imaginary
Welt can use his abilities to manipulate the turn order with the Imprisoned effect. This can ensure that your Main DPS is able to secure a few strong attacks before the enemy has a chance to do anything. . When Welt imprisons an opponent, their actions are delayed and speed reduced. This could prove useful when up against a potentially dangerous boss.

B Tier

Any character in the B Tier will perform well in your team if built properly and if the enemy isn’t a type that directly counters them.

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Dan Heng
4-Star, The Hunt, Wind
Dan Heng is a powerful single-target character that can players can build their team around with enough investment. His Ultimate deals more damage if their enemy is Slowed. Pairing him up with a support unit like Asta, who increases speed, will really make the most of what he can do. You will need to outfit him with the right Relics or his damage will begin to drop off in the later stages of Honkai Star Rail.
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4-Star, The Erudition, Quantum
Qingque is a fun character to use, but she is also a gamble. Her most powerful attack happens when the player manages to pull 4 tiles of the same suit. Until then, her damage is average and isn't something players should build their damage around.

C Tier

C Tier characters still have great use, but players will need to have certain higher-tier characters in order to build a team strong enough for the end game.

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4-Star, The Nihility, Wind
Sampo is a fun character to use when you have a team that is already built around another powerful Main DPS. His attacks allow players to do decent damage while his Ultimate boost the amount of damage-over-time enemies are affected. He is great to use with any characters that use an effect to prolong the damage they dish out, like Hook or Serval.
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4-Star, The Destruction, Fire
Hook deals a decent amount of damage and has a strong AoE Ultimate, but she relies too much on the Burn effect. If your team isn't built around other Fire characters, then using Hook won't have as great of an effect as it could.
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4-Star, The Destruction, Lightning
Arlan is a great character for any players that enjoy going all out on the attack. His attack power increases the lower his health is. This means that Arlan is at his best when his health is at its lowest. But this is a dangerous tactic, so pairing him up with a character like March 7th that can shield him is always a great option.

D Tier

A D Tier character is average at best and won’t really provide your team with much. However, they are still fun to use with the right relics and Light Cone.

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4-Star, The Erudition, Ice
Herta is a powerful early-game Ice Sub DPS due to her strong AoE Skill but will require players to invest in her to still be viable in the late-game areas. As a free character, Herta is a great choice and will help players with farming early on in Honkai: Star Rail. Once she reaches Eidolon 6, she becomes a ruthless Freeze dealing AoE powerhouse.
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Trailblazer (Physical)
4-Star, The Destruction, Physical
The physical element using Trailblazer is a pretty fun choice to use due to their powerful damage attacks and AoE Skill, but that's all there really is to the character. Don't expect the Trailblazer (Physical) to add anything else to your team besides a solid damage output.