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The Adventurous Moles All Treasure Locations in Honkai Star Rail

4 Treasure Chests are waiting to be found - here's how to track down each one
Key Points
Completion Time:
10 minutes
Trailblaze EXP x100
Stellar Jade x80
Shield x100
Sparse Aether x6
Credit x6000
Bountiful Treasure Chests x4
Must Haves:
Completed Hook's Gift Compansion Mission
Completed Trailblaze Mission 'The Return'

Honkai: Star Rail has another quest that relies on your finding skills in ‘The Adventurous Moles’ – here’s where to find all the treasure!

There are 4 hidden treasures to find in The Adventurous Moles quest, but getting your hands on each one can prove a little tricky. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you complete the mission:

Where to Find All Treasure in Honkai: Star Rail The Adventurous Moles Quest

The 4 Treasure locations you’re looking for in Honkai: Star Rail’s The Adventurous Moles sidequest can be found in the following areas:

  • The Great Mines
  • Backwater Pass
  • Rivet Town
  • Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

Aside from the first Treasure that you must find in The Great Mines, the rest can be found in any order. However, each will require players to find a note, hinting at the puzzle’s solution, before the Treasure spawns.

Here’s a full guide to finding each note and solving the puzzle it teases:

Treasure 1

To find the first Treasure, you must first head to the Great Mines and pick up the note on top of the nearby barrel.

The Adventurous Moles Note 1 Location Honkai Star Rail
Credit: 100% Guides

Then, move to the marked location and pick up the Miner’s Lamp from on top of the strangely-placed cardboard box.

Place the Miner’s Lamp on the pipe behind the metal fence, immediately next to where you found it. You’ll see 3 lamps in a row with a gap for the one you just picked up.

Where to Put the Lamp The Adventurous Moles
Credit: 100% Guides

This will cause a Bountiful Treasure to spawn where you just picked up the lamp. Claim it, and then return to Julian and talk to him to continue the quest.

Treasure 2

Before you find Treasure 2 you need to head to Backwater Pass and investigate the enclosed area to the southwest of the map. There, you can find the next note on top of a bench.

Honkai Star Rail The Adventurous Moles Note 2 Location
Credit: 100% Guides

Walk over to the cafe beside you and interact with the chair that is upside down on one table. Choose ‘Lay it flat on the ground.’

The Adventurous Moles Chair
Credit: 100% Guides

This will cause the second Bountiful Treasure to appear!

Treasure 3

To find the note for Treasure 3, fast-travel to Rivet Town and walk slightly north. The note is sitting on a table beside a bunch of barrels.

Honkai Star Rail The Adventurous Moles Note 3 Location
Credit: 100% Guides

Once you’ve picked up the note, turn around and you’ll see a shelving unit with a few boxes on it. Select ‘Pick up the crate on top.’

Then, move to the shelves to the right, past the metal fence, and select ‘Place it in the middle.’

The Adventurous Moles Where to Move the Box
Credit: 100% Guides

Your third Bountiful Treasure will appear the moment the puzzle is complete.

Treasure 4

Finally, to find the note for Treasure 4 you’ll need to head to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone. The note is hanging on the wall right next to the Space Anchor fast travel point.

The Adventurous Moles Note 4 Location
Credit: 100% Guides

Head to the right-hand side of the blockade ahead, and you’ll be able to ‘Pick up the nearby gun‘. Then, simply ‘Put it on the gun rack‘ immediately beside where you found it.

There are two more guns that need placing on their racks, one immediately to the left when entering the area from the Space Anchor, and the final one lies after the first blockade, off to the right of the second.

Where to Put the Gun in The Adventurous Moles Honkai Star Rail
Credit: 100% Guides

Once all 3 guns are placed correctly, your final Bountiful Treasure will appear!

How to Finish The Adventurous Moles Quest

Once you’ve located all 4 notes and Treasures, it’s time to compile the pages you’ve found.

Head back to Julian by following your quest marker and you’ll be able to get him to complete the book ‘The Adventurous Moles’ and compile it in your inventory.

To complete The Adventurous Moles questline, follow your next marker to Jarilo-VI-Administrative District and talk to Niko the publisher.

How to Complete The Adventurous Moles Quest in Honkai Star Rail
Credit: 100% Guides

Once you’ve introduced yourself to her, you’ll be able to hand over the book and finish your quest!

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