Honkai Star Rail just had a brand-new character make his debut in the story – say hello to Screwllum!

In the V1.1 update, the story of Honkai: Star Rail expanded even further. And whether you’re at endgame or not, you’ll be able to get access to the new Punklorde Mentality mission as part of the Silver Wolf banner event.

There, you’ll be introduced to Screwllum. But who exactly is this mysterious new character?

Who Is Screwllum in Honkai: Star Rail?

Screwllum is a ‘Mechanical Aristocrat’ and the #76 member of the Genius Society where he works alongside Herta.

After leading a resistance against Genius Society member #27, Rupert I, who wanted to exterminate organic lifeforms, Screwllum successfully saved not only the human race but also won peace for mechanical lifeforms like himself at the same time.

His hacking skills are known to be the best in the universe, only rivaled by Silver Wolf. He both lives on and is the ruler of Planet Screwllum.

When we meet Screwllum in Honkai: Star Rail, he is visiting the Herta Space Station to shut down the Simulated Universe. However, his presence is revealed to be bait for Silver Wolf who is attempting to hack into the system.

Who Is Screwllum in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Screwllum Leaks

Here’s a compilation of all the leaks we’ve seen for Screwllum in Honkai Star Rail so far.

Although datamines tend to be reliable, we’d advise taking leaks with a pinch of salt as details could change before Screwllum finally becomes playable in-game.

  • Screwllum is allegedly a 4-Star Character, suggesting that he won’t have his own banner, but could instead be featured in an upcoming one.
  • His element is Imaginary.
  • Screwllum is a character that follows the Path of Erudition.
Screwllum Leaks in Honkai Star Rail

Screwllum All Abilities

Reliable leaker Mero has revealed that Screwllum will boast the following combat abilities:

Skill: Screwllum launches a missile at an enemy, which bounces up to 4 times dealing damage each time. If Screwllum is in an Enhanced State, using the Skill triggers a passive effect and consumes one layer of Precision.

Enhanced Skill: Every time the missile bounces it also damages nearby enemies. Using Enhanced Skill consumes all layers of Precision.

Ultimate: Screwllum deals damage to all enemies and gains 3 layers of Precision.

Talent: When using his Ultimate, Screwllum gains Precision layers up to a maximum of 3. If Screwllum reaches 3 Precision layers, he enters an Enhanced State. While in Enhanced State, if an ally triggers a follow-up attack, Screwllum will also attack and deal damage to all enemy targets, consuming a Precision layer.

Each time an ally triggers a follow-up attack, the talent’s damage increases, up to 3 times. After consuming all Precision layers, Screwllum exits his Enhanced State.

Technique: Screwllum deals damage to all enemy targets and gains a layer of Precision.

Is There a Release Date for Screwllum in Honkai Star Rail?

Screwllum was first released in Honkai: Star Rail on June 7 as part of the V1.1 update story expansion ‘Punklorde Mentality.’ However, the character is not currently playable in-game.

Right now, there is no confirmed release date for Screwllum to arrive in Banners in Honkai: Star Rail.

As a 4-star character, it is unlikely that Screwllum will feature in his own Banner. However, he is likely to appear in a future 5-Star character’s Banner as a potential drop.