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Honkai: Star Rail Road to Revival Mission Guide

Help the Herta Space Station recover after the devastating Legion attack!

The Honkai Star Rail Road to Revival is one of the first Adventure Missions that players will encounter while on the Herta Space Station.

It’s easy to look over since it’s not a main mission, but completing it will allow players to go into some previously locked areas of the Herta Space Station. This is why it’s important to clear this mission early in the game.

Thankfully, the Road to Revival is an easy one, and we have all the details you need to complete it here.

How to Complete Road to Revival in Honkai: Star Rail

Players will obtain the Road to Revival Adventure Mission as soon as they begin their adventure on the Astral Express following the mission “The Voyage Continues.”

Arlan will ask you to check in with him following the events at the space station, and he’ll mention a “Project Revival” that a few of the residents at Herta Space Station are participating in.

  1. Find Arlan and listen to the space station’s star echo remnants
  2. Head to the base zone and help the researcher in need
  3. Go to the storage zone and learn about the revival declared by researchers
  4. Chat with Wen Shiqi

After completing the mission, players will earn some Stellar Jades that they can use in the current Honkai Star Rail banner.

Find Arlan

  • Players can find Arlan waiting in the Master Control Zone of the Herta Space Station. This is the main room where Asta is usually in.
Road to Revival Mission
Source: Kibbles Gaming
  • Arlan will talk to you about improving the Security Department at the station to improve their emergency response systems.
  • After hearing out Arlan, he will tell players to visit the different zones in the Herta Space Station to see if there is anyone in need of help.

At this point, players will need to complete three different objectives to complete the Road to Revival mission.

Activate the Space Anchor

The first task that players need to complete during the Road to Revival mission is to help Abraham activate a Space Anchor in an area filled with enemies.

  • After the conversation with Arlan, head to the Base Zone and speak to Abraham.
Abraham Honkai Star Rail
Source: Kibbles Gaming
  • Abraham will ask you to complete a task for him because the area it is in is full of enemies.
  • The task that you will need to do is to activate a Space Anchor. Thankfully, to do this players just need to walk near it.
  • To access the room with the Space Anchor, simply open the door shown by Navigation next to Abraham.
  • Clear the rooms of enemies, and you’ll find the Space Anchor in the final room.
Space Anchor Honkai Star Rail
Source: Wow Quests
  • There is also a powerful Level 13 enemy at the end of this room, but it is not a mandatory fight.
  • After you activate return to Abraham and inform him about your success.

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Repair the Bridge

The second task that players need to complete is to help Hikel repair the bridge in the Storage Zone. This introduces a new mechanic that players will need for future missions.

  • After your conversation with Abraham, make your way to the Storage Zone.
  • Here, you’ll need to speak to Hikel who will give you your next repair task. They will ask that you repair the floor that was damaged during the Legion attack.
Hikel Honkai Star Rail
Source: Kibbles Gaming
  • Follow the Navigation, and you’ll come across a glowing tile and a gap between two platforms.
  • When you step on the glowing tile, you’ll see some transparent tiles pop up in front of you.
    • This is a new mechanic that is introduced in this mission called, “Unearthly Marvels.”
  • To solve this puzzle, players need to step on each of these tiles without overlapping. This means you can only step on each tile once.
    • Start with the tile directly in front of you.
    • Take a left and then go up again.
    • Step on the tile to your right and up one more time.
Honkai Star Rail Unearthly Marvels
Source: Kibbles Gaming
  • After you complete the puzzle, the gap will fill up with tiles and form a bridge.
  • Make your way to the other side and defeat the enemies there.
  • Speak to Hikel once more to finish the task and move on to the final step in the mission.

Photograph the Damage

The third and final task that players need to complete is to help Wen Shiqi take pictures of a few of the damaged items in the Herta Space Station.

This introduces the camera mechanic that players can use throughout Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Players can find Wen Shiqi in the Master Control Zone, near the area where they first spoke to Arlan.
Wen Shiqi Honkai Star Rail
Source: Kibbles Gaming
  • Wen Shiqi will task the players with taking pictures of two items in the Herta Space Station that require new parts.
    • This task will introduce players to the camera mechanic.
  • Head to the Supply Zone and make your way to the Astral Express. This is the first picture you need to take.
  • The game will give you a short tutorial on how to use the camera.
  • After you’ve taken a picture of the Astral Express, make your way to the broken robot near it as well.
Honkai Star Rail Astral Express
Source: Kibbles Gaming
  • Once both pictures have been taken, make your way back to Wen Shiqi and speak to him to complete the objective.
  • After you speak to Wen Shiqi, the Road to Revival mission is completed and you’ll see the rewards pop up on your screen.

All Road to Revival Rewards

When players complete the Road to Revival Honkai Star Rail mission, they will earn all the following rewards:

  • Trailblaze XP x300
  • Stellar Jade x90
  • Adventure Log x6
  • Hertareum x150
  • Credit x12000

Players can actually use the Hertareum to purchase goods from Wen Shiqi’s shop and unlock a powerful set of Relics for your Hunt characters like Dan Heng.

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