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Honkai Star Rail Pity System: Warp Details & Guaranteed Pulls

Not all pulls are created equal.

The Pity system in Honkai Star Rail allows players to increase the odds of earning a 5-Star character after every roll.

It’s a system that Hoyoverse implemented to give players a better chance at obtaining a character they want without feeling unfair.

Here we will explain exactly how the pity system works in Honkai Star Rail and how to build it up to secure a 5-Star character for your team.

Honkai Star Rail Warp System Pity Explained

The pity system in Honkai Star Rail is built to guarantee players a 5-Star character after a certain amount of pulls. With each pull, players gain pity, increasing their odds of a rare character.

  • The pity system in Honkai Star Rail is built to guarantee players a 5-Star character after a certain amount of pulls. With each pull, players gain pity, increasing their odds of a rare character.e guaranteed one 5-Star character every 90 pulls from Stellar Warp or the current Character Event Warp.
    • If you’ve gone 89 pulls without a 5-Star character showing up, the next pull is guaranteed to be a 5-Star Character.
    • This is considered hard pity.
  • Honkai Star Rail has a soft pity cap of 75 pulls.
    • This means that after 75 pulls, your chance of pulling a 5-Star character increases exponentially.
  • You can see how many pulls you’ve made by pressing “View Details” on the Warp screen.
    • From here, choose “Records.”
    • This will show all your recent pulls.
    • Pity resets once you pull a 5-Star character.
Honkai Star Rail Pity
  • If you are pulling on a Character Event Warp, there is a 50/50 chance that you will pull the 5-Star event character.
    • If you do not pull the event character and get one of the standard 5-Star characters, then this guarantees that your next 5-Star character pull from this Warp is the event character.
  • Light Cone Banners have slightly better chances, with a 5-Star Light Cone guaranteed every 80 pulls.
  • Players are guaranteed one 4-Star per 10 Warps on every warp banner.
  • Character Event Warp pity transfers between updates.
    • If you build pity on Phase 1 or Update 1.0 Warp, it’ll transfer to Phase 2 or Update 1.1.
    • Your pity only resets when you pull a 5-Star character.
Stellar Warp Honkai Star Rail
  • Event Warp, Light Cone Warp, and Stellar Warp have individual pity pools.
    • Your Stellar Warp (Standard Banner) pulls will not affect your current Event Warp pity.

What is Hard Pity & Soft Pity

The hard pity system in Honkai: Star Rail guarantees players will pull a 5-Star character after 90 pulls, but most players obtain a 5-Star between 78-89 pulls after hitting soft pity at 75 pulls.

Hard Pity is what players refer to as hitting the “hard cap” in terms of how many pulls they need to obtain a 5-Star character. This cap happens after 90 pulls when players have a 100% chance of obtaining a 5-star character.

Most players will obtain a 5-Star character after hitting “soft pity” at 75 pulls which is when your chances of pulling a 5-Star character are raised exponentially.

How to Build Pity

To build pity, players will need to pull for characters using a Star Rail Pass, Star Rail Special Pass, or Stellar Jades.

  • Star Rail Pass – Used to pull from Stellar Warp and Departure Warp.
  • Star Rail Special Pass – Used to pull from Character Event Warp or Light Cone Event Warp.
  • Stellar Jade – Players can trade these 160 Stellar Jades for a Star Rail Pass or Star Rail Special Pass.
    • In-game currency players can purchase with real money.
    • Players can also obtain it from in-game events and activities.

Thankfully, one character you won’t need to pull for is the Trailblazer, the main character of Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng

When Does Pity Reset?

Pity in Honkai Star Rail will reset after players pull a 5-Star Character or Light Cone. But each Warp Banner has an individual pity pool.

This means that pulls on the Stellar Warp will not affect your pity on the Light Cone Event Warp or the Character Event Warp.

How to Check Pity in Honkai Star Rail

Players can check how much pity they have accumulated in the Records portion of Honkai: Star Rail by counting how many pulls they’ve done since their last 5-Star.

However many pulls you’ve made is how much pity you currently have.

  • From the warp screen, choose “View Details.”
  • Here, you’ll need to select the “Records” tab.
  • Look through the pages until you see a 5-Star Pull.
    • These pulls will have orange letters.
  • Count how many pulls you’ve made since that 5-Star Pull.
    • Start counting above the orange letters, and go towards the left when changing pages.
    • Every page has 5 pulls. Use this information to calculate your pity quickly.
  • This is the current amount of pity that you have accumulated.

The example below shows Gepard, a 5-Star Pull, at the bottom of page 2. This means the current pity of the player reset as soon as they pulled Gepard.

There are four pulls above Gepard and only one page left of recent pulls. Each page has five pulls. When you add in the pulls in the current page with the remaining pages, it leaves us with nine.

This means that the players current pity is at 9.

Honkai Star Rail Pity

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