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Is Honkai: Star Rail Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Does the Switch have a ticket to board the Astral Express?

Honkai: Star Rail is following in the footsteps of HoYoverse’s major success Genshin Impact, but is the new game also coming to Nintendo Switch?

In early 2020, developer HoYoverse announced that the record-shattering Genshin Impact would be coming to Nintendo Switch. And although there’s no release date currently announced for the port, it’s clear that the development team sees Nintendo’s handheld console as a priority.

But will Honkai: Star Rail get a similar treatment?

Is Honkai Star Rail on Switch?

No, Honkai: Star Rail is not currently on Nintendo Switch.

The game is available at launch on iOS, Android, and Windows PC devices, with PlayStation getting a port somewhere down the line.

It has not been announced for Nintendo’s portable console.

Honkai Star Rail

Will Honkai Star Rail Release on Nintendo Switch?

No, there are currently no announced plans to bring Honkai: Star Rail to Nintendo Switch. However, like Genshin Impact, it is possible that Star Rail will get a Switch port later down the line.

It has been over 3 years since HoYoverse revealed that Genshin Impact would be coming to Switch, and there’s still no release date in sight. However, in 2022, the developer confirmed that the port was still in the works.

We don’t expect that Honkai: Star Rail will get a port before its predecessor.

And if the current port development time is anything to go off, it’ll be years before we see a potential Switch release for Honkai: Star Rail, even if it does get announced.

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