It’s time to catch the thief in Honkai: Star Rail’s new museum questline, but first you’ll need to answer Mr. Cold Feet’s questions correctly.

In Opportunity Makes the Thief (Part 4), players will finally have the chance to catch the museum thief once and for all. But in order to earn his trust, you’ll need to know the answers to his questions.

All Mr. Cold Feet Question Answers in Honkai Star Rail

When knocking on Mr. Cold Feet’s door at the Goethe Hotel, the Trailblazer will need to answer his questions correctly in order to get him to let you in.

Here are all the answers you need to know:

Mr Cold Feet Knock

The correct knock to give is ‘Tap three times and knock twice.’

Pela tells you this via message as soon s you get to the hotel corridor.

Which Knock Mr Cold Feet Honkai Star Rail

Question 1: Hm? Norbert, is that you?

Answer: (In a low voice) Yes, it’s me.

Telling Mr Cold Feet that you’re a Silvermane Guard certainly seems like a bad plan. Therefore, it’s best to put on a voice and fake it until you make it.

Mr Cold Feet Questions Answers Honkai Star Rail

Question 2: Well it’s time for me to get on out of here. After all, we already made a nice little fortune on this trip.

Answer: How could I ever betray such a dear friend?

Choosing the ‘come hell or high water’ answer will cause Mr Cold Feet to get a little suspicious, as you’re overstating the nature of the thieves’ relationship.

Correct Answers Mr Cold Feet Honkai Star Rail

Question 3: So, how much did the microfilm sell for?

Answer: 50,000 credits

Choosing 5000 or 500,000 credits is way off, instantly alerting Mr. Cold Feet and causing him to be extra cautious. Meanwhile, with 50,000, he answers that it seems a little less than he thought but not too bad.

How Many Credits Mr Cold Feet Honkai Star Rail

Regardless of your answers so far, Mr Cold Feet will notice your voice is slightly different and grow suspicious here. Your next answer will be the deciding factor as to whether or not he trusts you.

Question 4: That Gears and Wisdom sculpture I told you to take apart and hide away… Can you remind me how many pieces it had?

Answer: Uhh… a little less than 60.

Choosing 40 or 20 will cause Mr Cold Feet to notice you’re not who you say you are. In these instances he will not open the door, causing the Trailblazer to have to kick it down.

However, choosing the correct answer of 60 will allow you to enter the room without any force.

How Many Pieces Mr Cold Feet Questions Honkai Star Rail

Ultimately, no matter what choices you make, you’ll come face to face with Mr Cold Feet himself.

And, in case you didn’t recognize his voice, the game will reveal that the culprit was none other than Sampo.

Should You Accept or Refuse Sampo’s Offer?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter if you accept or refuse Sampo’s offer and let Mr. Cold Feet go in Honkai Star Rail.

Either way, the thief will escape, but players will receive 5000 credits for accepting or 2 Adventurer’s Logs for refusing the offer.

Should You Accept or Refuse Sampo's Offer Mr Cold Feet Honkai Star Rail

After being caught, Sampo will offer a third of his earnings from the artifact business to the player if they agree to let him go.

Here’s what happens if you accept or reject his offer.

Accept: Okay, It’s a Deal

Sampo gives the player 5000 credits and thanks them for being ‘a reasonable person.’ He then leaves and the Trailblazer messages Pela to say they lost the culprit.

Pela doesn’t blame you, and comes to check out the hotel herself. She comes to the conclusion that Mr Cold Feet found out about Norbert’s arrest and made a run for it.

What Happens if you Accept Sampo's Offer Honkai Star Rail

Pela thanks the player for their hard work and sends them to meet Miss Eris at the museum.

There, the secretary will give you a note from Sampo which thanks the player from the bottom of his heart, and offers his services as a museum attendant.

Note From Mr Cold Feet Honkai Star Rail

He can then join your staff – and he promises his exhibit smuggling days are behind him.

Refuse: You Think I Can Be Bought?

Sampo is disappointed and the Trailblazer messages Pela to say they’ve captured Mr Cold Feet, revealing his identity to her. However, when you’re done messaging, Sampo has already escaped without a trace!

Pela is understanding of the situation and thanks you for all your hard work. Instead of credits, the player will receive 2 Adventure Logs for their efforts.

Refuse Sampos Offer Honkai Star Rail

She then sends you to meet Miss Eris at the museum.

Like in the other route, Sampo will have left you a note telling you to ‘remember this day as the day you almost caught the great Mr. Cold Feet!’ However, he still offers his services as a museum attendant and promises that his smuggling days are behind him.

And just like that, both Opportunity Makes the Thief and the museum questline are complete!

Sampo Mr Cold Feet Museum Pass

Feel free to keep running things at the museum with Sampo as an available helper, and don’t forget to collect all your rewards!