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Honkai: Star Rail Memory Bubbles Explained: How to Touch Them

Expand your Honkai: Star Rail knowledge with Memory Bubbles!

Players have plenty to do in the early hours of Honkai: Star Rail, including touching the Memory Bubbles scattered across Herta Space Station.

However, if you want to access these hidden memories and see what they hold, you’ll need to complete a quick puzzle first.

How to Touch Blue Memory Bubbles in Honkai: Star Rail

To touch a Memory Bubble in Honkai: Star Rail, follow these instructions:

  • Locate and speak to Herta to unlock the ability to touch Memory Bubbles
  • Find a Memory Bubble
  • Interact with it
  • Select “Touch the Memory Bubble” from the options

You will find Herta behind the elevator in Storage Zone Level 2. You’ll first need to complete a simple light bridge puzzle to get to her.

There is also a tough high-level enemy near Herta with a Bountiful Treasure behind it. However, you’ll need to unlock level 5 characters if you want to take it on early.

the text displayed when you try and touch a Memory Bubble early

Here is how to get to Herta in the Herta Space Station:

  • Open your map and select Storage Zone
  • Fast travel to the Courtyard (First Floor) point next to the elevator.
  • Go up the elevator to Storage Zone Level 2.
  • Once out of the elevator, head to the back of it. You will see Herta across from you.
  • Go to the light bridge puzzle and solve it.
  • Cross over and speak to Herta.

Tracking the puzzle piece symbol on the Storage Zone map will mark Herta’s location on your HUD, allowing you to quickly follow the route to her.

The location of Herta in the Storage Zone
The location of Herta in the Storage Zone

Additionally, you’ll be given a series of options when speaking to Herta. They are unimportant, and selecting any option will still unlock the ability to touch Memory Bubbles.

If you want to test out your newfound Memory Bubble powers, you’ll find one on the platform next to Herta. Additionally, there is a Memory Bubble next to the elevator in Storage Zone Level 1.

the player talking to Herta about Memory Bubbles

Herta Light Bridge Puzzle Solution

The light bridge puzzle next to Herta has a very simple solution. Just follow these steps to complete it:

  • Go forward one
  • Turn left and step onto the next platform
  • Head forward one into the teleporter
  • Once teleported, head forward one
  • Next, turn left and step onto the platform
  • Finally, head forward to complete the bridge
the Light Bridge puzzle solution near Herta

What Do Memory Bubbles Do in Honkai: Star Rail?

Memory Bubbles allow players to experience other people’s memories. When you interact with a Memory Bubble, you’re shown a black screen with text at the bottom that tells you a quick story.

It aims to expand the lore of Honkai: Star Rail with exciting text. Once you’ve completed a Memory Bubble, you’ll get 1000 credits.

Of course, Memory Bubbles are just one way of getting credits early on in Honkai: Star Rail. You can also redeem these free codes to unlock plenty of helpful resources instantly.

the reward for touching a Memory Bubble in Honkai: Star Rail

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