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Honkai Star Rail Hook’s Quest: Which Suspect to Choose

Get your detective hat on to help Hook find the thief!

Hook is one of the many side characters in Honkai: Star Rail, and “The Old Foreman’s Treasure” is the first quest in her companion missions.

In this quest, the leader of The Moles needs your help to figure out who stole her father’s prospecting device. You must play detective and interview four suspects to find the culprit.

Which Suspect to Select in Hook’s Quest in Honkai Star Rail

You will have four suspects you will have to choose between, and they are:

  • The Helper
  • The Merchant
  • The Cook
  • The Tailor

The correct option to choose is The Cook, as he is the one who stole Hook’s father’s device. Select “The Cook” and then head over to accuse him.

Credit: ZaFrostPet

Players will then discover that The Cook has disappeared from where they first interviewed him and must follow Hook to find him.

After finding and accusing him, he admits he stole the device but refuses to hand it over, and a battle will ensue to retrieve it. Unfortunately, the device will be broken after winning it back.

While Hook is a side character, players can also unlock and play as her. Here is how to unlock Hook in Honkai: Star Rail.

What Happens If I Choose the Wrong Suspect in Hook’s Quest?

If you choose the wrong person, you can still finish the quest. Fortunately, you still catch the correct thief while they are offloading goods to Sampo, no matter who you choose.

And just like if you had selected him as the suspect, you will have to battle him to obtain the prospecting device for Hook.

Credit: ZaFrostPet

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