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Honkai Star Rail Guide Paradox Choices & Outcomes

Figure out what Sheila is really hiding!

In Honkai: Star Rail, the Guide Paradox Adventure Mission offers multiple choices leading to different endings, adding an exciting layer to the gameplay.

One of the most engaging aspects of HSR is the well-crafted character dialogues and missions like Guide Paradox only amplify the player’s immersion by giving them the power to shape the narrative.

However, it can be challenging to make choices that lead to your preferred outcome. That’s where this guide comes in, as it will thoroughly explain the various paths and endings in Honkai Star Rail Guide Paradox.

Honkai: Star Rail Guide Paradox Mission Guide

To obtain the Guide Paradox, you’ll need to clear the Asta’s Companion Mission “You Already Know Me,” and wait for Arlan to send you a message regarding a stolen videotape.

  1. If you don’t receive messages then continue to do Adventure Missions in the Herta Space Station and you’ll eventually see it.
    • Players have reported seeing it at different moments.
  2. After you receive the message from Arlan, head to the Master Control zone to speak to Esther about the videotapes.
  3. She will tell you about three videotapes that you need to find in the Supply Zone.
  4. Follow the navigation on your map to find all three. They are in the following locations:
Videotape Locations Honkai Star Rail
  1. Once you obtain all three, your character will pass out and wake up in the Medical Bay.
  2. When you wake up, Joanne will talk to you and inform you passed out due to the information you took.
  3. She will take you to meet Sheila. Talk to her and she will ask you to find her memory.
Shiela Guide Paradox
Source: Game Guides Channel
  1. You’ll need to return to the Supply Zone and locate the memory fragment from the monitor near the Electrical Room Space Anchor.
  2. Inside this room, there are various monitors. Interact with the monitor on the far right.
    • You can avoid the enemies in this room or fight them.
  3. When you interact with the correct monitor, you’ll find Sheila’s Character Script.
  4. Head back to Sheila and Joanne will be there to inform you that Gunn has already handled the situation.
  5. Confront Gunn and show him the information that you have gathered.
  6. He will begin to explain his situation and ask you to have Sheila perform a series of commands.
  7. Once you listen to Gunn’s explanation, you’ll need to decide between three different options, each with its own ending.
  8. Talk to Gunn to confirm your decision.
  9. After you make the decision, talk to Joanne and she will let you know the outcome of your choice.
  10. Once you’ve heard Joanne, head back to Esther in the Herta Space Station to complete the mission.

Guide Paradox Choices & Endings

There are three possible choices and ending players can obtain in Guide Paradox:

  • “Please tell Sheila the truth.”
    • Telling Sheila the truth will lead players to the bad ending of Guide Paradox.
    • The information will overload Sheila and cause her cognitive module to become burned.
  • “Please “fix” Sheila’s cognition.”
    • Fixing Sheila will lead players to the ‘good’ ending to Guide Paradox.
    • Here Sheila will never know the truth about her past, but she can live her life happily. Ignorance is bliss.
  • “Please destroy Sheila.”
    • Destroying Sheila is the neutral ending of Guide Paradox.
    • This ending leaves Joanne remarking on how unfortunate it is to lose such a perfect creation, but it doesn’t seem like a negative reaction at all.
Guide Paradox Choices
Source: Game Guides Channel

These are all the outcomes that players can come across while completing the Guide Paradox Adventure Mission in Honkai: Star Rail.

Completing the mission will reward players with Stellar Jades that they can use to roll for the current Character Warp Banner.

But if you haven’t obtained a 5-Star Character yet then we recommend using the Departure Warp instead.

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