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Honkai Star Rail Fired Quest Guide (All Answers)

Traffic duty sure is hard work...
Key Points
Completion Time:
15 Minutes
Trailblaze EXP x250
Stellar Jade x40
Refined Aether x1
Strale x25
Credit x15,000
Must Haves:
Trailblaze Level 29

The Fired sidequest in Honkai: Star Rail tasks players with monitoring traffic levels for Tantan in Starskiff Haven. Here are all the answers the surprisingly lengthy quest requires you to know:

How Many White Passenger Starskiffs Went Past?3
Which is the Offending Starskiff in This Picture?The Third One From the Left
Select Items to SubmitPhotograph of Starskiff

Fired Quest Walkthrough – Honkai Star Rail

To get started, players will receive the Fired Adventure Mission shortly after reaching The Xianzhou Luofu, the second world visited after Belobog in Honkai: Star Rail.

Tracking the quest will lead players to Tantan, a local speed tester who will task you with monitoring passing vehicles.

First up, he’ll test your powers of observation.

How Many White Passenger Starskiffs Went Past? Answer

The answer to the question ‘How many white passenger Starskiffs went past’ is 3.

How Many White Starskiffs Went Past Honkai Star Rail
Credit: Game Guides Channel

Thankfully, you won’t have to answer any further questions just yet. After your first test, you’ll encounter a speeding accident and the Trailblazer will be asked to help Mei find her notes.

Press R or tap the Diting icon to use the animal’s senses and look for the highlighted areas on the ground to find all of Mei’s notes.

Credit: Game Guides Channel

Finding the notes shown above will allow you to contact Luhui, Mei’s employer. Next, head to Starskiff Haven docks where you’ll run into Luhui in person and explain the situation.

Follow the marker to Mei and pass her the notes you picked up.

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Eyewitnesses Locations

Return to the accident site and talk to the lady in orange standing near where you found Mei. Then, talk to the man dressed all in blue, leaning against a nearby wall.

Fired Quest Eyewitnesses Honkai Star Rail
Credit: Game Guides Channel

Head over to Mei and talk to her once more.

Then, find Xijiu at the Palace of Astrum. Talk to her and you’ll be able to check cycrane footage, but which one you choose isn’t important.

Next, talk to Tantan again, who will have a question about which Starskiff is the culprit.

Which Is the Offending Starskiff in This Picture? Answer

The answer to the question ‘Which is the offending Starskiff in this picture?’ is the third one from the left.

However, even if you get the answer wrong, the quest will progress as normal.

Offending Starskiff Honkai Star Rail
Credit: Game Guides Channel

Follow the next quest marker to Stargazer Nevalia and meet with Tantan once more. You’ll meet a Proud Man responsible for the accident, and you’ll need to provide him with evidence of his crime.

Which Item to Submit

Select the photo of his Starskiff.

Now caught red-handed, the Proud Man will attack. Defeat the enemies.

Which Item to Submit Fired Quest Honkai Star Rail
Credit: Game Guides Channel

Tantan will take the suspect away and you’ll get a message from Luhui asking to meet.

Go to the marked location and talk to Luhui once while Mei is there, and then again after she leaves. Your quest will now be complete.

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