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Honkai: Star Rail Developer Interview – HoYoverse Discuss Their New Turn-Based Starward Adventure

Honkai: Star Rail just launched its second closed beta, and Gaming Intel had the opportunity to interview the development team at HoYoverse regarding their new galactic adventure.

HoYoverse has amassed a massive following with the success of their action RPG, Genshin Impact. And with Honkai: Star Rail, they hope to introduce players to an entirely new way to play with the art and style they’ve come to expect from HoYoverse games.

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based adventure game that takes players through a story that blends space sci-fi and myths together. Players board the Astral Expres and embark on a journey that will introduce them to some of the most unique worlds filled with new adventures and exciting characters.

Here is what HoYoverse had to say about their new starward adventure, Honkai: Star Rail.

And if you’re not too familiar with Honkai: Star Rail, you can check out our initial announcement of the Closed Beta.

Himeko Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail HoYoverse Interview: Space Exploration, Turn-Based Combat, and More

In this exclusive interview with Gaming Intel, the Honkai: Star Rail team discusses the obstacles of diving into turn-based gaming and what players can expect from space exploration and character development ahead of the launch of their second Closed Beta.

Will Honkai: Star Rail feature branching storylines? Will there be moments where players will need to face a series of choices to progress through the story?

Honkai: Star Rail is still in beta testing, so we mainly focus on optimizing and adjusting gameplays and features. Thus, players will not be able to experience the full story for the time being.

But we can tell that decision-making will lead to different attitudes of characters towards players, which explains the need to “make choices.” As for the storylines, we’d rather not disclose too much now. Honkai: Star Rail will be operated for the long term, and we will definitely keep enriching the story and plot. So we will leave the surprise for players to discover in their own journey!

What was the biggest obstacle you found in creating a turn-based combat system? How in-depth is the turn-based combat system?

As our first attempt to make a turn-based strategy RPG, Honkai: Star Rail is a brand new challenge, taking a lot of time and effort from the entire team. In addition, as one of the most classic game genres, turn-based games have existed for a long time with so many outstanding games. So it’s a hard task to surprise gamers with a fresh new turn-based game.

We’ve been working on the sense of immersion and thrill of the game in order to better combine the gameplay with the narratives. Speaking of the turn-based combat system, we have added more dynamic designs on game strategy and difficulty to meet various player preferences. For casual gamers, the turn-based combat system is friendly and easy to get started with. For veteran players seeking the ultimate difficulty, there will be so many different tactics and team-building strategies to conquer the enemies.

In addition, we’ve also integrated more maze exploration and puzzle-solving into current gameplay. By combing various gameplays and mechanics with the turn-base tactics, we hope to impress more gamers with Honkai: Star Rail.

Kafka Honkai Star Rail

How will character dynamics work in Honkai: Star Rail? Will their relationship in-game affect how they cooperate while in battle?

Our team believes that character development is very important to creating an immersive and lively in-game world. So we’ve been very careful in shaping each character and their story. And we will leave you to find out more in your own journey!

What sort of biomes can we expect to see in Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail is about an adventure through the galaxy where players will explore varied worlds. From the released trailer and in-game screenshots, you might have seen scenes featuring a snow planet called Jarilo-VI. Crossing the snow plains, you can find a grandiose city of human civilization, Belobog.

The latest beta is only a preliminary demonstration of the game, showcasing only a small part of the entire game. However, in future versions, we will continue to present more extensive landscapes with diverse biomes and creatures as the story progresses.  We hope to start a magnificent galactic adventure together with you, and “may this journey lead us starward.”

Belobog Honkai Star Rail

What’s one aspect of Honkai: Star Rail that you want to highlight to the fans before the game’s release?

We’d like to express our gratitude to all our fans and players expecting Honkai: Star Rail. As the latest sequel to the Honkai series, Honkai: Star Rail also marks our first attempt at a turn-based strategy. We can’t wait to see how you like the Closed Beta, and your feedback will be vital to help us to make Honkai: Star Rail better.

How would you introduce Honkai: Star Rail to your vast Genshin Impact community?

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest adddition to the Honkai series, but it introduces a brand new standalone story and distinct gameplay we have never done before in the other HoYoverse games. Therefore, for Genshin Impact players, whether you’re new to the Honkai series or not, we welcome you to try out this new game, and hopefully have fun in the Honkai universe.

What sort of multiplayer components can players expect to find in Honkai: Star Rail?

The latest Closed Beta does not include a multiplayer mode. But if we have further progress, we will share it with you as soon as possible.

Where did the idea for Honkai: Star Rail originate? What was your inspiration for the characters and world?

The thought of making Honkai: Star Rail came quite naturally to the team. After the launch of Honkai Impact 3rd, we started to think about making the next Honkai sequel. On one hand, we hoped to carry on the spiritual core of the Honkai series, showing the symbiosis and confrontation between human beings and destiny. On the other hand, we’d like to offer something fresh. And that’s why we chose the sci-fi theme. We hoped to spark the desire of players to explore the universe by introducing an extraordinary journey through the galaxy. So after multiple collisions of ideas, Honkai: Star Rail was finally born.

Snow Plains Honkai Star Rail

Can we expect to see any sort of Honkai: Star Rail x Genshin Impact collaboration in the future?

Honkai: Star Rail is still in Closed Beta, and our primary goal at the moment is to collect players’ feedback and improve core gameplay including combat, maze exploration and puzzle-solving mechanism. It is still too early to discuss crossovers, but we believe that anything is possible in the future!

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