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Honkai Star Rail: How to Get 80 Free Pulls & 1600 Stellar Jade – Departure of the Express

All aboard - The Astral Express is departing now!

It’s time for the Honkai: Star Rail to depart and the Departure of the Express event has a huge amount of free content waiting to be claimed!

The best time to get stuck into Honkai: Star Rail is right from launch, and HoYoverse is giving all players the opportunity to get a jump-start on their new sci-fi adventure.

Up to 80 free pulls are up for grabs, so be sure to complete all the event’s missions to get your Warps!

Don’t forget, you can pre-load Honkai Star Rail right now!

Departure of the Express in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Departure of the Express

Here are all 3 steps of the Departure of the Express campaign in Honkai: Star Rail:

1 – Claim Your Pre-Registration Rewards

All players who pre-register Honkai: Star Rail will be getting some exclusive rewards in-game to celebrate the pre-launch success.

Since the game surpassed 5 million pre-registrations and 2.5 million social media followers, all players will receive the following goodies in-game:

The rewards will be issued via in-game mail after the launch of Honkai: Star Rail.

Departure of the Express Rewards in Honkai Star Rail

2 – Claim Login Rewards Each Day

By logging in each day, Honkai: Star Rail players can claim free rewards, including an exciting bonus for finishing off the week.

Log in for 7 separate days to receive:

  • Star Rail Special Pass x 10

The Travel Log function will need to be unlocked to begin claiming Login Rewards.

Honkai Star Rail Login Rewards

3 – Earn Trailblaze Levels

Trailblaze Levels are the levels tied to your account – NOT the level of the Trailblazer character itself. By completing missions and progressing in the game, you’ll be raising your Trailblaze levels rather quickly.

By reaching Trailblaze Levels 5/15/25/25, Trailblazers can claim the following rewards:

  • Star Rail Pass x40
  • Stellar Jade x1600

Stellar Jade is the premium currency in Honkai: Star Rail, primarily used to purchase Star Rail Passes.

Honkai Star Rail Free Pulls

Players that put it to good use and claim all rewards available in the Departure of the Express Campaign will be able to claim up to 80 pulls on the first banners in Honkai: Star Rail’s history!

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