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When Did Honkai: Star Rail Release?

The Astral Express has finally departed - but how long ago did Honkai Star Rail actually release?

Players that were eagerly awaiting the release of Honkai Star Rail, the latest title by Hoyoverse, now have their boarding pass to the Astral Express.

The latest title in the Honkai series takes a different approach by taking players through a turn-based sci-fi adventure featuring a whole new cast of characters.

When Did Honkai: Star Rail Come Out?

Honkai Star Rail released globally on April 26 at 10 AM CST (China Standard Time).

Due to differing time zones and a global release, those in the United States were able to access the game on the evening of April 25.

All players can now download and play the latest HoYoverse on both mobile and Windows PC devices. Here’s how to download and play Honkai: Star Rail!

Everyone in the world had the opportunity to start Honkai Star Rail at the same exact time. However, if you’re playing catchup, be sure to claim these 80 free pulls and 1600 Stellar Jade for free!

Honkai Star Rail Release Date

Honkai Star Rail Pre-Registration & Rewards

Pre-installation for Honkai Star Rail began on April 23, three days before the official release.

With over 10 million players signed up for pre-registration, HoYoverse offered some major rewards to all new players.

Even those who didn’t pre-register will get access to all the pre-registration rewards when starting out in Honkai: Star Rail, so don’t feel as though you’ve missed out!

These rewards will help players get a head start when trying to obtain any of the characters that aren’t available through the F2P route.

In fact, many users are still using the early rewards to reroll for better characters in Honkai: Star Rail right now.

Was There Early Access?

No, there was no early access for Honkai Star Rail, although the game did have multiple opportunities for Beta testers to try it in advance.

Beta progress did not carry over to the full game though, so testers didn’t get any form of headstart.

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