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Honkai Star Rail Black Swan: Release Date, Trailer, All Leaks

A mysterious storyteller... Black Swan is the latest addition to the Honkai: Star Rail lore!

Honkai Star Rail just revealed a brand-new character – here’s everything we currently know about Black Swan and when she’ll arrive in-game!

Unlocking new characters is a mechanic at the heart of Honkai: Star Rail. With many players racing to unlock the game’s top-tier characters, many fans are still putting together their all-star teams.

Now, it looks like we’ll need to make even more space in our rosters as Black Swan could be just around the corner.

Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail

Black Swan Release Date in Honkai: Star Rail

Black Swan’s release date is yet to be revealed in Honkai: Star Rail.

Fans are speculating that she will arrive in the 1.1 or 1.2 updates, however, HoYoverse has given us no official confirmation that the fortune-teller will be coming to the game soon.

The character was first shown in the Myriad Celestia Trailer: Fables About the Stars Part 1 where they discuss the Aeons, godlike beings which preside over the galaxy.

It didn’t take fans long to notice that the storyteller character was a brand-new reveal and speculation quickly flew into a frenzy.

Thanks to dataminers, we already have the character’s name and full model. However, Black Swan’s Path and Element are still currently unknown.

It’s possible that Black Swan could arrive in the upcoming V1.1 update which appears set to feature new faces Luocha and Silver Wolf.

However, she could also arrive alongside fan-favorite Kafka in V1.2 – or even later than that!

Who Is Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail?

Black Swan is a Memokeeper from the Garden of Recollection, an organization dedicated to preserving and sharing memories.

Enlightened by their master Fuli, they shed their mortal flesh and live on in spirit. They can traverse between worlds.

As for who exactly Black Swan is and what role she’ll play in the story, we’ll have to wait and see!

One thing is for sure, when Black Swan does arrive she’ll almost certainly be a 5-Star character. With that in mind, make sure to claim all your free Stellar Jade and Warps to make sure you have enough for the fortune-teller on release day.

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