There are 10 free pulls up for grabs in Honkai Star Rail thanks to the Gift of Odyssey – here’s how to claim them to help you unlock the update’s newest characters!

Like Genshin Impact before it, Honkai Star Rail is masterfully set up so that players can grind to unlock all of the game’s content. However, doing so requires a significant grind, particularly if you have bad luck on the character banners.

Thankfully, to make our lives easier, HoYoverse is offering 10 free pulls for all players in Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

And if you’re going for Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae or Fu Xuan, you’ll want to know how to claim them.

Honkai Star Rail: How to Get 10 Free Pulls in 1.3

Honkai Star Rail players can claim 10 free pulls in the 1.3 update by logging in daily and claiming their Gift of Odyssey reward. This became available alongside the major update on August 30, 2023.

Just like in previous major updates, the Gift of Odyssey grants players 10 free Star Rail Special Passes, with between 1-3 claimable each day for 7 days.

Honkai Star Rail 1.3 Character Banners Lynx Fu Xuan Imbibitor Lunae

These don’t have to be claimed on consecutive days.

However, you won’t have forever to claim your Gift of Odyssey in 1.3. The event is expected to finish on September 9, so don’t forget to log in too many times.

How to Claim Gift of Odyssey in Honkai Star Rail

To claim your Gift of Odyssey rewards, log on each day and open the Travel Log menu.

Then, find Gift of Odyssey and simply tap the day’s reward to claim your free Star Rail Special Pass or Passes.

Gift of Odyssey 1.3

As shown in the image above, players will usually receive just a single Special Pass each day. However, on Day 3 of the Gift of Odyssey, there are 2 pulls up for grabs – and 3 available on Day 7.

If you’re looking to get Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae or Fu Xuan, or you’re even saving up for 1.4’s newly-revealed characters, you can’t go wrong with 10 free pulls!

That said, we expect another Gift of Odyssey to arrive alongside the 1.4 update, just like it did in 1.2 and 1.1.