Honkai Star Rail finally has a PS5 release date but why does the free-to-play game cost $10 on PlayStation consoles?

If you’re a PlayStation fan, you’re sure to be happy with the recent State of Play that finally confirmed Honkai Star Rail’s release date on the platform.

HoYoverse’s gatcha game will be dropping on PS5 on October 11, 2023, and players can pre-order the new release right now.

But when viewing it on the PlayStation Store, fans were quick to notice that it has a $10 price tag.

Why Does Honkai Star Rail Cost $10 on PS5?

Honkai Star Rail does not actually cost $10 on PS5, however fans can pre-order the free game for $9.99 to unlock an exclusive pre-order bonus.

When the game officially launches on October 11, it’ll be free for all players. However, those who want a headstart on the competition can place a $9.99 pre-order to unlock some early-game items.

Here’s what that $10 price tag gets you:

  • Star Rail Pass ×2
  • Credit ×150,000
  • Adventure Log ×80
  • Sparse Aether ×50
  • Trick Snack ×10,
  • Diet Fried Rice ×10,
  • Bottled Soda ×10,
  • Life Transmitter ×10

In addition, those who purchase the bundle before release (indicating that it will be available post-launch) will also unlock:

  • Traveler’s Guide ×15,
  • Refined Aether ×5,
  • Lost Crystal ×5
Honkai Star Rail PS5 Pre-order Bundle

Is the Pre-Order Bundle Worth Buying for Honkai Star Rail?

Absolutely not, the Honkai Star Rail pre-order bonus on PS5 is not at all worth the money.

For $9.99, players will get just two free Warps (and only on the Standard Banner, not a Character Event Banner) alongside a few minor consumables.

You do get a few nice level-up materials included in the $10 price point, but you’ll be earning them in-game in no time.

Is Honkai Star Rail Free on PS5?

Yes, Honkai Star Rail is completely free on PS5, just like it is on iOS, Android, and PC devices.

However, pre-ordering the game on the PlayStation Store currently costs $9.99 – a price that includes a pre-order bundle.

On its October 11 release day, Honkai Star Rail will be free to download on PlayStation 5 consoles.